Friday, 29 May 2009

Dwayne McDuffie fired from Justice League of America - Robot 6 Article

Full story here at Comic Book Resources from Robot 6:

I got to say hopefully this will be a good thing and we can get a stable team on this book which will bring it back to greatness and at the front of the DCU like it should be. The series started off well and had a lot of promise with Brad Meltzers initial run I thought. I haven’t disliked McDuffie’s run as much as some people but it has not been amazing by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems a lot of that was due to too much interference from the DC office. Good luck to r McDuffie in the future with whatever he does.

PREVIEWS - Marvel Comics On Sale June 3, 2009

Check over at Comic Book Resources for next weeks Marvel previews. What is everyone looking forward to? I’m looking forward to another issue of Exiles, as the previous 2 issues have been really fun. Also War of Kings 4 will hopefully continue the great space opera!.

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News - New Magog series!

From DC's website - Starting in September, writer Keith Giffen will pair with artists Howard Porter and John Dell (reuniting the JLA art team) for MAGOG #1.

Could be cool, out of the new JSA members Geoff Johns brought in I thought Magog had the most potential. What do you guys think?

See the full article here:

Dan DiDio: 20 Answers and 1 Question, 5.28.09 @

Some news from this, World’s Finest Mini nearer the end of the year and 2 ongoing Red Circle series amongst other stuff. See the full article here:

Review - Captain America 50

Wow, what another let down of a Cap story, I mean last months issue 49 was excellent, focusing on Sharon Carter and the emotions she has being going though since the whole wrap up of the ‘Death of Captain America’ arc, but really the past 10 issues or so have been a serious drop in standards for this book. Why? Well I think since Bucky has taken over as Cap this book has become the boring Nightwing book of the Marvel U. All the story seems to be is whiney internal monologue, ‘Oh I’m not good enough to fill Steve’s boots!’ ‘Oh yes I can! Blah, blah, blah! The other problem I have with this book is the art of Luke Ross, I mean sure it looks pretty but Cap is always flying about doing overhead flips and things like he is an acrobat (DICK GRAYSON AGAIN) I mean come on! He is a trained soldier and killing machine. He was trained up as a teenager during World War 2 and since his ‘death’ and resurrection as Winter Soldier, the assassin and Russian spy, where amongst that time was he trained as a ballerina?

The basic story of the book is that its Bucks birthday and he is being attacked by a group of original Cap lovers who think they are super patriots and who are angry that there is a new Cap in town. As this attempt on Bucky’s life is spoiling his birthday he revisits older birthdays that went wrong too. But there is nothing really added to the character with these stories. Nothing I think we didn’t know before. Also you could read this book in seriously under a minute. That internal monologue I mentioned earlier has as little as 1 - 3 captions on some pages and no other text! And this is $3.99 50th anniversary book!

There is another back up story but this is not even worth a mention really, it’s another retelling of Caps origin (like we need to hear it again.)

I know this was a sort of stepping stone for the next big 600th issue, but I’m not really looking forward to that. I’ve seen the previews and I’m not that excited. (I will post a link to these later).

I may try next months 600th issue as a last chance, I mean the first 25 issues of this book were a must read and fantastic, I really want that quality back. If 600 does not deliver this will be a dropped.

Please let me know your thoughts on the book.

Score: 1 Star (out of 5) as it has a nice cover.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Addicted to comics - Cover of the week!

The winner is Wolverine no. 72 -Amazing cover by Steve McNiven. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this series, it has been a great fun ride so far, and it’s nearly at the end. The art has been top notch. I love dystopian type future settings in my stories and this is no exception. How cool was the Venom T Rex from last issue, plus future blind Hawkeye has got to win the comic Oscar for supporting character of the year. Great stuff.

Addicted to comics - Pull list 29/05/2009

I live in the UK so we get our comics at the shops a day later than the US. I also buy online so I normally get my comics in the post on the Saturday, on a normal week anyway, but this is a bank hols week so every thing is put bank another day which is shit because I like reading my comics over the weekend. Anyway this is a big comic book week for me, and my Pull List looks something like this:


Iron Fist 26
New Avengers 53
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 6
X-Force 15
Nova 25
Avengers/ Invaders 11
Guardians of the Galaxy 14
Wolverine 72
Wolverine Origins 36
Amazing Spider-Man 595


Green Lantern 41
Justice League of America 33
Superman 688


Sword 17

Mission Statement

Hi there.

I’m pretty much writing this first blog for myself as a test as I know no one will see this for some time until I start telling people I am here. But if anyone is out there, this is the plan:
There are a million comic book blogs out there, but none that satisfied me enough. Comic book news was always late, links to other sites and stories were not great and reviews are often too long and boring and unspecific. This is where I will do my best to be different and do my own thing.

I plan to blog every day, (as work is boring and I have access to a pc all day), covering all things comic related firstly. Things like what I’m looking forward to, what I think about certain titles, what news I’ve heard and where I found it, but also what I’m watching on the net, what films I’m renting or seeing at the cinema, and what I’m listening to.
That’s the idea anyway.

Matt Hex