Friday, 12 February 2010

The Crisis Hits Hex's Fifth Column!

As my fellow Legionnaires know a Crisis of sorts has been hitting the Blogverse over the past few months, Robert was the first casualty, Kello was next and now it seems I have fallen to the crisis. Only X-Man has had the strength to keep going for which I applaud him.

I started the new year with so many good blogging intentions but my first obstacle was getting on the Internet itself. I am currently on my 3rd Internet provider in as many months! It's been a nightmare to say the least. Apparently I don't have very good Internet coverage where I live (London! I don't think so!). The second obstacle is that I am now spending time studying for a marketing course whilst also continuing my job hunting (for which I have an interview Monday, wish me luck).

So time has been short, and my comic reading has been reduced. I am still managing to write 3-4 blog posts per week over at, it's a really great site that has great reviews from other bloggers too and a fan base that is growing strong, so I've wanted to concentrate more on that, and that means Hex's Fifth Column has to take a back seat for the foreseeable future. But guys please do come and check out and comment when you can. I'd love to hear from you. Likewise Ill get back to visiting your sites when my connection is running better to see how you are all doing and can get back to enjoying my comic book fix from your great blog posts and our conversations.

Until then, Long Live The Legion!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hex's Pull List - 06/01/10

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2
Jonah Hex #51
Suicide Squad #67
Weird Western Tales #71
Sweet Tooth #5
Cable #22
Nation X: X-Factor
Siege #1
Haunt #4

Loads more Blackest Night goodness this week. I'm really interested in these resurrected titles Suicide Squad & Weird Western Tales, hopefully they will expose me to some cool new characters.

What you guys picking up?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Free Marvel Comics - 01/04/09

This weeks free comics from Marvel are:

CABLE (2008) #16

Next week's five free digital comics will be:


Saturday, 2 January 2010

New "Phantom" pictures and website.

"The Phantom" TV series that has now debuted in Canada has it's own fan site and forum at that if your a fan of the character might be worth a look into. For us in the UK who have to wait until later in the year for the premier here are some better looks at the iconic hero's new costume. It's strange, but maybe I'll get used to it.

And here's the trailer for anyone who has missed it so far. Also anyone in the US seen the new series of V yet? Once again it's not out in the UK yet but I'm interested to know if it's any good.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Hex's Best of 2009 - Part 2

My Surprise Hit of 2009

Booster Gold - I picked up the Blackest Night tie-in issues having never bought the series before, never giving the Booster Gold character a second thought but was pretty impressed with those issues so I decided to go back and check out the tpbs. I then discovered that the first 12 issues were written by my favourite writer Geoff Johns, something that had totally slipped my mind. I picked up Booster Gold Vol 1; 52 Pick-Up around a week ago and it was one of the most fun and enjoyable comics I've read all year and has made Booster one of my new favourite characters.

The main premise is Booster Gold is sent back through time to repair holes in the time stream where villains try to alter time for their own benefit. Booster becomes the greatest hero the world never knows. It has lots of action and funny moments and a great supporting cast too. Dan Jurgens is both writer and artist for the series now, and as the Blackest Night tie ins were good, I'll be picking up both the next issue and all the previous one I can get my hands on.

Best TPB's 2009

Batman RIP -A real masterpiece from Grant Morrison, Batman against his greatest foe yet, the personification of evil; Satan! Needs to be read very closely with the early Morrison Batman issues.

Batman: The Black Casebook -This is a collection of 1950's and 60's Batman stories that inspired Morrison when writing Batman RIP and it reads really well in conjunction with that book. There are some great and really wacky/ trippy stories in this. Must of been all the acid everyone was taking in the 60's.

American Jesus Vol. 1: Chosen -This Image reprint from writer Mark Millar presents a story of a boy who believes he may be the present day second coming of Jesus Christ, but it's not quite that simple. Its a nice story of a boy coming to terms with life and adolescence with a cool twist I should of seen coming a mile off. Good read. Not sure when we'll ever see the next two chapters from Millar though.

So that mostly my thoughts on the comics of 2009. Big shout out to DC comics. I've always considered myself more of a Marvel fan but this year with Blackest Night to the Green Lantern and Batman books, DC really kicked Marvels butt. Let me know your thoughts guys.

Marvel Previews - Comics on sale 01/06/2010

CBR has an advance look at new Marvel comics on sale this Wednesday, January 6, 2010.

Click the links below to be taken to the preview of your choice.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hex's Best of 2009 - Part 1

Looking back over a whole year and picking your favorites is harder than you first think. I'm sure there are classic comics that came out this year that I’m missing, and most of my choices seem to be from the latter part of the year, presumably because my memory is so terrible I cant remember that far back. So here I my choices as of right now, from the top of my head, some of my stand out comics of the past 12 months and the reasons why:

(One of my) Favorite Single Issues.

Jonah Hex #50 – Funnily enough this is not where I take my name from, but seeing as we share the name we are practically family so shame on me for not visiting this awesome Clint Eastwood styled cowboy more often. I did read the first few issues of Jonah Hex and while I thought the writing was pretty good, Luke Ross’s art is too slick and still for my liking and I never continued with the series. Then I heard about this issue and everyone was gushing about it. Darwyn Cooke had stepped in on the art duties for this special anniversary issue. The basic story is a heartbroken Hex is given the task of killing 50 wanted men while we see his love interest set up a home for herself in a nice little town. Of course its not that simple and trouble soon follows but I really don’t want to spoil the story on this one , it just needs to be read. It was heartbreaking and beautiful comic. One of the issues of the year for me and I hope for more of the same when I come back to pick up issue 51.

Favorite Ongoing Series'

Green Lantern has been consistently one of the best ongoing series since it began and this year just took it to another level with Blackest Night and the introduction of Doug Mahnke on pencils.

Batwoman: Detective Comics has married interesting storytelling and characters with amazing visuals. One of the books of the year for me and long may this book continue when Batwoman gets her own series.

The Sword has been my favorite work from the very talented Luna Brothers so far. Brilliant ideas, epic storytelling and brutal action, it’s just a shame it will be wrapping up in 2010.

Best New Series'

Azrael has seen a surprisingly good start in my opinion. One of my fav X-Men writers Fabian Niciesca has told a separate story each issue challenging the morals of the new Azrael. I hated art on Red Robin, but here its urban and gritty which is a great fit for this book. Bat fans should check this series out.

Ultimate Comics Avengers has been like an all out action movie,. This is writer Mark Millar's big summer blockbuster, with an awesome cast of characters, fun dialogue with knock out art. I've never ever cared about the Ultimate Universe before ,but now... well I still don't really, but this book rocks.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I‘m back from my break and looking forward to the New Year ahead. 2009 was a bit of a drag for me so I hope 2010 will be a better one. New Years resolutions for me include learning to drive, getting a new job, getting fit and to start writing music again. Comics wise I would like to cut down on the amount I buy as I am really running out of storage space, but I know that will be a hard one to stick to so I won’t make it a resolution as Ill probably break it straight away. I also plan to put more structure to this blog and my posts, with a certain post designated to each day of the week. I will aim to do at least one post a day with 2 – 3 of them being featured over at every week.

I got a post coming soon with some of my favorite comic book stuff of 2009 and another with some of my favorite movies of the past 12 months plus a look into what I look forward to seeing in 2010, so check back for that.

Anyway have a great New Year’s Eve everyone whatever you are doing, I’m partying with friends and will probably get more drunk than I should do but that’s what this night is all about. See you in 2010. Long live the Legion!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

This week I have mostly been listening to ... Jet

This is a track from Jet's latest and third album, Shaka Rock. It's been out a couple of months but I have yet to pick it up. I've been listening to the first 2 albums this week and they are just nice rock n roll records. Remind me of the Stones. Anyway this is a good track with a cool wolf boy video. I'll no doubt try to pick up the new album in the January sales.

And you can't mention the word 'Jet' without thinking of this great track from Macca's post Beatle's band; Wings. "Jet! OooohWooooOoooh!" Enjoy!

Hex's Pull List -12/23/09

Here's my x-mas presents to myself.

Blackest Night JSA #1
Detective Comics #860
Green Lantern #49
Teen Titans #78

Avengers The Initiative #31
Captain America Reborn Who Will Wield The Shield
Incredible Hercules #139
New Avengers #60
New Mutants #8
X-Men Legacy #231

I'll also be picking up X-Necrosha: The Gathering #1 that I missed the other week. And I'm giving New Mutants another go. I downloaded issue 6 and it was pretty good so I'll be picking up the Necrosha tie-ins, issues 6,7 and 8 this week too. The ti-ins have been better than the X-Force issues so far.

What's your x-mas pull list look like?

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blackest Night: Flash #1 - Review

As Blackest Night roles on and I find myself enjoying it more and more, I have decided to go back and pick up various tie-ins that I missed, including this title Blackest Night: Flash by one of my favorite writers Geoff Johns and artist Scott Kolins.

The book opens with Barry traveling the world at super speed sending his message to all the heroes of the DCU warning them of the threat of the Black Lanterns. I have seen this in various other tie-ins so I liked the way this is tied-in bringing Barry very much to the centre of Blackest Night, almost as much as Hal Jordan, which seems to have been Geoff Johns idea from the start. Next we get a brief Flash history round up which is very handy for new Flash readers like me but I do feel kind of sorry for people who have been reading Flash Rebirth as It basically sums up the Flash in a couple of pages, without having to pay out for a six issue mini series that is not even finished yet. I bought the first couple of Flash Rebirth issues but as a non regular Flash reader, I found the character’s history and explanation of the speed force extremely confusing, but here it is dealt with simply and effectively. Job done.

Barry’s next mission is to speak with his friend, the leader of Gorilla City who Barry believes is one of the most intelligent beings on the planet, and a person who can help the heroes in the war against the Black lanterns. One slight problems though, Barry’s friend died in his absence which Barry is unaware of and the former leader of the great Gorilla City has now been resurrected as a Black Lantern. There are some great scenes drawn by artist Scott Kolins as the two friends battle and Johns writes Barry well as he tries not to give into his emotions, as he knows this feeds the Lanterns power.

In this issue we also meet the new Black Flash, who is the resurrected Zoom/Reverse Flash, and though he is dealt with pretty swiftly by Barry, we know this won’t be the last we see of him.

A second story within this book is that of the current Flash Rogues (led by Captain Cold) who prepare to face the former, newly resurrected Black Lantern Rogues next issue. Johns writes these characters so well and I’m sure that the inevitable showdown between the Rogues next issue with be great entertainment.

All in all this is a well rounded issue with a lot of action packed in that accompanies the main Blackest Night Series nicely. Check it out.

4 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #43 - Mini Review

Saying that Patrick Gleason drew his ass off on this issue would be an understatement. This issue he did phenomenal work. The scenes with the out of control; Red Lantern Gardner were fantastic, the way he tore through the Black Lantern Corps and his battle with Kryb... well, it needs to be seen to be believed. Awesome, awesome stuff. Spoiler! Tomasi revives Kyle Rayner already but in a way that ties in other characters development from previous issues and it’s handled masterfully. This is another fantastic issue of GL Corps. So far Blackest Night can do know wrong.

4 out of 5

Free Marvel Comics - 12/21/09

Here's your usual five free digital comics to help get you through your week and there's some really good ones. Just click the title of your choice.

WHAT IF? #32 (1977)
X-FACTOR #46 (2005)
DEADPOOL #7 (2008)
PUNISHER #6 (2008)

Next week's five free digital comics will be:


Thursday, 17 December 2009


I got some really exciting news. CLICK HERE to be taken to the first trailer for 2010's 'Iron Man 2' and then check back and let me know your thoughts on the clip. I'm buzzing, I think it's gonna be awesome and Mickey Rourke is gonna steal the show! Plus check out War Machine, it's spot on! Enjoy guys.

Iron Man 2 - Trailer LINK.

Hex's Pull List - Today!

Well it's a bit late, but here's what I've ordered today.

Azrael #3
Batman 80 Page Giant #1
Batman Streets of Gotham #7
Green Lantern Corps #43

Cable #21
Captain America Reborn #5
Daredevil #503
Dark Wolverine #81
X-Factor #200
X-Force #22
X-Men Legacy #230

I'm looking forward to Azrael #3, as the first 2 issues have been surprisingly good. GL Corps should rock as usual and Guy Gardner = Red Lantern should be awesome, plus what are the consequences of Kyle's death last issue- will he rise as a Black Lantern?

On the Marvel side Daredevil should be good and I'm hoping 'Necrosha' gets a bit more interesting in X-Force #22. What will you guys be getting?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Matt Fraction on Thor!

Matt Fraction has been announced as the new writer for the Thor ongoing series next year.
Here's what he had to say about it:

MF: I’m most excited about getting off of Earth. There are nine worlds in the Norse cosmology, sort of, and lately the book has been spending a lot of time here in Midgard sweet Midgard. I want to take these amazing people, these characters that are so known and loved (at least amongst the pages of THOR), and take ‘em up and down the world tree. And beyond! Hell, why stop at just our world tree? I’ve said too much.

This is great new in my opinion. This is exactly the sort of direction this book should be taking, exploring Thor's world just like Fraction did with the Immortal Iron Fist book and his brilliant Thor mini series Ages of Thunder. If you haven't read Ages of Thunder I suggest finding them as they are not only fantastic reads but will be a great indication for Thor fans of where Fraction intends to take this book. Another book added to my list...DAMN YOU MARVEL!

Monday, 14 December 2009

A quick news recap!

Wow, I was of last week working on some music stuff and job hunting (still!) going out getting pissed and various other things. I flip open my laptop this weekend and the comics industry had gone mad with loads of breaking and exciting news, especially from DC. I'm sure you all know the big news stories by now, I'm just gonna post some of my thoughts.

First up the one I'm most excited about: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

I am SO excited for this. IMO "Batman R.I.P" is one of the greatest Batman stories ever. Morrison's whole run has been incredible. I just bought the companion to 'Batman RIP' (The Black Casebook), and the way Morrison references old story lines is masterful. His story shows why Bruce Wayne is and will always be THE greatest super hero ever. In 'Batman R.I.P' Bruce managed to fight off the greatest evil of all time, Satan himself in the guise of Dr. Hurt, and now in the next chapter of Morrisons masterpiece we have Batman battling through different ages in time to get back to the present Gotham City. Yeah i know this sounds a bit like a certain star spangled heroes journey from an opposing comics company, but I don't care, this mini series will piss all over that Cap mini, we're gonna have a pirate Batman for fucks sake! Did I mention Andy Kubert, the greatest artist of all time was involved too...! My head just exploded.

Marc Guggenheim to write 'Action Comics' in 2010

All I can see is "Thank fuck for that!". Rucka writes 'Detec' so he's the man and all, but the 'Action Comics' book has been shit since he's been writing it. I don't think its Rucka fault at all, he has to work with a bunch of different artists (mostly rubbish) and has been given some crap 'Superman New Krypton' bullshit storyline to follow along side James Robinson, and lame characters to work with. I like Guggenheim. I liked his 'Blade' series, I was one of the few who actually liked 'Young X-Men' and I dig his work on 'Resurrection' for Oni Press. Will he get 'Action Comics' to the height's that Geoff Johns did? Prob not, but I'll def give this a shot. 'War of the Supermen' seems to be the big DC event of next year, but I'm not too excited yet.

Free Comic Book Day 2010 - Marvel and DC titles announced.

A war is coming, and all that stands between Earth and 100,000 vengeful supermen is one Superman! Special #0 issue featuring all-new material previews the conflicts to come!

Well it' free so that's a good start, but still... don't really care.

As for Marvel:
Two of Marvel’s heaviest hitters like you’ve never seen them before! A major new direction for the Marvel Universe kicks off HERE – on Free Comic Book Day!

Again. Not. Really. Bothered. But it's free, so cool. I think Ill be checking out the other publishers more though this time around.

DC's Earth One

John's and Frank's on 'Batman: Earth One'. Sort of a dream come true for me. Since this teams amazing work on the Superman books I always wanted to see them try their hand at Batman. So I'm happy but... Earth One, the DCU's answer to Marvel's Ultimate line maybe, not too cool. I would have preferred them on a mainstream Batman title but I'll take this. I like the idea of this just being released as graphic novels too. Cool.

As for 'Superman: Earth One'... well we are just about half way though 'Superman: Secret Origins' and already they announce 'Superman: Earth One' which will no doubt again go over a new version of Superman's origin. I'm bored already. Plus it's written by J. Michael Straczynski who managed to bore me to death on 'Thor', 'The Twelve' and his 'Red Circle' titles. Pass.

Well that's it for now. Any of this news get you guys stoked?