Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mission Statement

Hi there.

I’m pretty much writing this first blog for myself as a test as I know no one will see this for some time until I start telling people I am here. But if anyone is out there, this is the plan:
There are a million comic book blogs out there, but none that satisfied me enough. Comic book news was always late, links to other sites and stories were not great and reviews are often too long and boring and unspecific. This is where I will do my best to be different and do my own thing.

I plan to blog every day, (as work is boring and I have access to a pc all day), covering all things comic related firstly. Things like what I’m looking forward to, what I think about certain titles, what news I’ve heard and where I found it, but also what I’m watching on the net, what films I’m renting or seeing at the cinema, and what I’m listening to.
That’s the idea anyway.

Matt Hex

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