Friday, 1 January 2010

Hex's Best of 2009 - Part 2

My Surprise Hit of 2009

Booster Gold - I picked up the Blackest Night tie-in issues having never bought the series before, never giving the Booster Gold character a second thought but was pretty impressed with those issues so I decided to go back and check out the tpbs. I then discovered that the first 12 issues were written by my favourite writer Geoff Johns, something that had totally slipped my mind. I picked up Booster Gold Vol 1; 52 Pick-Up around a week ago and it was one of the most fun and enjoyable comics I've read all year and has made Booster one of my new favourite characters.

The main premise is Booster Gold is sent back through time to repair holes in the time stream where villains try to alter time for their own benefit. Booster becomes the greatest hero the world never knows. It has lots of action and funny moments and a great supporting cast too. Dan Jurgens is both writer and artist for the series now, and as the Blackest Night tie ins were good, I'll be picking up both the next issue and all the previous one I can get my hands on.

Best TPB's 2009

Batman RIP -A real masterpiece from Grant Morrison, Batman against his greatest foe yet, the personification of evil; Satan! Needs to be read very closely with the early Morrison Batman issues.

Batman: The Black Casebook -This is a collection of 1950's and 60's Batman stories that inspired Morrison when writing Batman RIP and it reads really well in conjunction with that book. There are some great and really wacky/ trippy stories in this. Must of been all the acid everyone was taking in the 60's.

American Jesus Vol. 1: Chosen -This Image reprint from writer Mark Millar presents a story of a boy who believes he may be the present day second coming of Jesus Christ, but it's not quite that simple. Its a nice story of a boy coming to terms with life and adolescence with a cool twist I should of seen coming a mile off. Good read. Not sure when we'll ever see the next two chapters from Millar though.

So that mostly my thoughts on the comics of 2009. Big shout out to DC comics. I've always considered myself more of a Marvel fan but this year with Blackest Night to the Green Lantern and Batman books, DC really kicked Marvels butt. Let me know your thoughts guys.

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