Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hex's Pull List - Today!

Well it's a bit late, but here's what I've ordered today.

Azrael #3
Batman 80 Page Giant #1
Batman Streets of Gotham #7
Green Lantern Corps #43

Cable #21
Captain America Reborn #5
Daredevil #503
Dark Wolverine #81
X-Factor #200
X-Force #22
X-Men Legacy #230

I'm looking forward to Azrael #3, as the first 2 issues have been surprisingly good. GL Corps should rock as usual and Guy Gardner = Red Lantern should be awesome, plus what are the consequences of Kyle's death last issue- will he rise as a Black Lantern?

On the Marvel side Daredevil should be good and I'm hoping 'Necrosha' gets a bit more interesting in X-Force #22. What will you guys be getting?


  1. Huh, so Azrael has been pretty good? I didn't get into the character during that Battle for the Cowl mini, but if I hear enough good things about this series maybe I'll see if I can grab the first trade whenever it comes out. It looks like you're getting more Marvel books then DC again this week. I've ordered:

    Batman #694
    Batman: Streets of Gotham #7
    GLC #43
    JLA #40
    Outsiders #25
    Superman Batman #67
    Astonishing X-Men #33
    Cap Reborn #5
    DD #503
    Dark Avengers #12
    Dark Wolverine #81
    Mighty Avengers #32
    Realm of Kings Inhumans #2
    Vengeance of Moon Knight #4
    X-Factor #200
    X-Men Legacy #230

    Wow, lately I've been buying more DC books, but this week Marvel is the winner of the battle for my money. Good for Marvel I guess.

  2. WOW big week for you x. yeah more marvel for me. mostly taken up by x books. i have been buying more dc lately though due to blackest night tie ins which mostly have been great. can you see yourself buying more marvel next year with all the siege tie-ins? i know i can.

  3. Yeah, sadly I'm sure I'll be buying alot of the siege tie-ins... Even when I don't really like the story, I'm a sucker for big events. I hated World War Hulk, and yet I wound up buying every single tie-in for that.