Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hex's Pull List - 10/14/09

Adventure Comics #3
Green Lantern Corps #41
Red Robin #5
Secret Six #14 (maybe)

Deadpool #900
X-Men Forever #9

Nice light week for me so I'm also going to pick up some old issues of Avengers Initiative and Amazing Spider-Man that I have missed to get me up to date.

What are you guys picking up?


  1. You've started the Initiative? Great choice, Initiative has been the most consistant Avengers book for a while now. Let's see, I'm picking up:

    Action Comics #882
    Adventure Comics #3
    Batgirl #3
    Batman #691
    Blackest Night Batman #3
    Booster Gold #25
    Green Arrow Black Canary #25
    Green Lantern Corps #41
    JSA vs. Kobra #5
    REBELS #9
    Secret Six #14
    Titans #18
    Uncanny X-Men #516

    Damn, after seeing your pull list I was hoping it was going to be a light week for me as well...

  2. Yeah hex, don't forget the Batgirl!!

    Just kidding. Man, are you sure you want to keep up with Amazing Spider-Man? I cracked that open at the store last night and it looked like a total mess. There was a scene where MJ knew Pete was Spider-Man and I was like "Is this a dream?" and then I quickly decided I didn't care, and went along my merry way.