Friday, 2 October 2009

The Web #1 Review - save your money.

The Red Circle one shots were very mediocre but I thought I’d at least give the new creative teams a try for the first issue of the ongoing series, but unfortunately they couldn't hook me in.

It’s a shame because The Web One Shot performed the best out of the 4 Red Circle One Shots released so I had good expectations for this issue but it was a totally boring . I can’t even really remember what happened except that we find out The Web is in love with his dead brother’s girlfriend, and then....nope it was so dull I forgot.
The cover is deceiving as you hope the art is going to be as cool as that, not so I'm afraid, it's just regular cartoony superhero stuff. Not bad, just not very good.

The Hangman backup was just as useless as it just re-hashed all the info we learnt about him and his powers from the previous Hangman One-Shot. Avoid this and save your 4 dollars for something a bit more exciting folks.
Hex's score: 1 out of 5.

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