Tuesday, 13 October 2009

More mini-reviews

Batman and Robin #5

A definite step down in artwork from last issue, the details and faces of characters didn’t look as good. Jason Todd is back to his red hair, oh and SPOILERS! it was him under the Red Hood. That was a bit disappointing for me as I thought Morrison was going to throw a curve ball in there and shock us with that one, but unfortunately no. I’m really not keen on the way Morrison wrote Jason Todd as being like a whiney kid in this issue, moaning that the helmet is giving him spots! I didn’t like that. I’m personally still holding out for Jason Todd to redeem himself as the good guy who died as a hero, but I don’t think it will ever happen (damn you Winick!). Scarlet however, the Red Hood’s new sidekick is a great new character, and this issue has a lot of focus on her, which is to its benefit.

3 out of 5

Cable #19

This is one of the worse issues in this Cable series I have read. It’s the continuation of what seems like a very silly story arc which sees Hope, Cable and Bishop battling against old X-Men foes the Brood, what the point is….I don’t know. There was some very strange stuff that I really couldn’t get my head around, for instance; Cable got swallowed by a giant space whale and Hope fights off a space shark with rockets coming out of it’s ass, all while floating in a giant green oxygen bubble in space! I think writer Duane Swierczynski may be on acid, maybe if I took some Id get it but you guys should def avoid this.

Oh, I should mention the art too… its pretty crap.

2 out of 5

Deadpool #16

This is the second part of the current story arc but you can easily jump on here, I did. All you need to know is that Deadpool wants to join the X-Men and we start this issue with Deadpool being refused entry from Cyclops. After being persuaded by Wolverine that it’s safer to have Deadpool under watch on Utopia and Dazzler pointing out the fact that calling Utopia a Mutant Haven but refusing Deadpool entry is a bit hypocritical, Cyclops decides to send Domino to invite Deadpool back. Hilarious scenes follow and Deadpool fans and X-fans should def give this a pick up. Highlight of the issue is when Deadpool dons his x-uniform he’s made and states “BOOM!... even has my name on the back!”. That cracked me up. Art is fantastic, and the cartoony element suits this book really well.

4 out of 5

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