Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hex's Pull List = 12/09/09

Adventure Comics #5
Booster Gold #27

Dark X-Men #2
Deadpool #18
Ghost Riders Heavens on Fire #5
Invincible Iron Man #21
Nation X #1
New Avengers Annual #3
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard #2
What If? World War Hulk
Wolverine Under Boardwalk
X-Men Forever #13

I'm looking forward to some good Nate Grey action in Dark X-Men #2. I'm picking up Iron Man #21 as I enjoyed the last issue quite a bit which was the start of the new 'Disassembled' arc. Nation X... I'll give it a go. ROK Imperial Guard I'm looking forward to as the 1st issue was great and I love those characters. Another shitty What If, which Ill pick up, I don't know why but I kind of like them stories, even though most of them are really bad. Guess I have to know 'what if' on some of these big Marvel story lines, just can't help myself.

What will you be getting?


  1. I'm a huge fan of the What if comics, but not even I would bother picking that one up! I couldn't stand WWH the first time round, I doubt that What if will change my mind! Wow, a big Marvel week for you this week I see Matt. I'll be getting:

    Action Comics #884
    Adventure Comics #5
    Batgirl #5
    Booster Gold #27
    Green Arrow/Black Canary #27
    Magog #4
    REBELS #11
    Secret Six #16
    Titans #20
    RoK: Imperial Guard #2
    and of course Dark X-Men #2!

    Huh, while you're picking up a ton of Marvel books this week, I'm doing the opposite and putting most of my money into DC. I was tempted to pick up New Avengers #3 because I'm a fan of Clint Barton, but I'm just so damn tired of BENDIS taking non-Avengers characters and forcing them into Avengers comic books. What the hell has Jessica Jones ever done to deserve to star in an Avengers annual?!? Besides all that, I'm sure you can guess which book I'm most looking forward to this week.

  2. I think everyone has those "train wreck" comics where you buy them just to see how bad it is.

    As far as I know, Red Robin and Batgirl are the only titles I'll be getting that came out this week.

  3. X- Dark X-men 2 was pretty awesome. Look forward to your review of that.

    K - Train wreck comics is spot on. I see your still buying Red Robin? You enjoying that or is that your train wreck title?