Saturday, 5 December 2009

This week I have mostly been listening to... The Drums, The Big Pink & The Blueskins

This tune by The Drums sort of reminds me of the Pixies and it's really catchy. I like it.

Speaking of catchy tunes, this next song 'Domino's' but The Big Pink is on some TV advert or other in the UK and it's just so damn catchy I find myself humming this all the time.

And speaking of advert tunes reminded me of this little beauty of a song by The Blueskins that featured on a Lynx deodorant advert some time ago and also in the appalling 'Dukes of Hazard' remake film a few years ago. Do not see that film, that annoying singer Jessica Simpsons shorts are seriously the best part about it, oh and this song... so enjoy!


  1. That Drums video reminds me of a peppy version of the Coldplay "Yellow" video.

  2. Yeah is like that vid isn't it, good call