Thursday, 3 December 2009

Matt's Mini Reviews - Blackest Night gets brighter!

Green Lantern #48

*NOTE – Read this issue before Blackest Night #5*

This series has been at an all time high in my opinion since the start of Blackest Night so I looked forward to more of the same this issue and it was good, but slower and very wordy. There wasn’t the same amount of action as the previous issues had but we do have some good padding out of the lantern characters, Johns has really established these as great new additions to the DCU. After some fighting and bickering amongst themselves the lanterns decide to unite (for now) to battle the common threat of the black lanterns, which leads into Blackest Night. An okay, solid issue but a must pick up if you are following Blackest Night.

3 out of 5

Blackest Night #5

One of the BEST issue of the series so far! Spoilers on!

Nekron is here, with an army of black lanterns battling the Justice League and the rest of the heroes from the DCU along with the newly united lanterns of the emotional spectrum (see GL#48). This issue is all out action laid out beautifully with some truly awesome splash pages. So many amazing things happen in this one issue; Lanterns are united, Guardians die, and (MAJOR SPOILERS!) a certain undead Bruce Wayne becomes a pawn of Black Hand and Nekron and is used to turn the heroes of the DCU that have escaped death and been resurrected (i.e. Superman, Green Arrow etc.) into latest editions of the Black Lanterns! The issue ends with black rings chasing down the only 2 resurrected heroes to escape the black rings so far; Hal Jordan & Barry Allen! What an ending and what an issue!

*Note – To top it all off you get a free Green Lantern ring with this issue (lets face it, this is the ring we all wanted and have been waiting for)- that helps it nail the top spot for book of the week!*

5 out of 5

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