Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hex's Pull List - 02/12/2009

Sweet Tooth #4
Siege The Cabal
What If? Secret Invasion
X-Force Annual #1
Sword #20
Haunt #3

I'm also going back and picking up Invincible Iron Man #20 as I've heard such great things about this series that I want to give it a go at the start of a new story arc, and I'll be picking up Punisher #11. Why? Well the story of Frankencastle sounded awful at first but I've found out the art is by Tony Moore, that means it's a must check out for me.

Overall it's a smaller week for me, which is good, Siege: the Cabal being the biggest book of the week.

What you guys getting?


  1. Nice small list for me as well this week, which is a welcome change after last week. I'll be getting;

    JSA All-stars #1
    Dark Avengers Annual #1
    Uncanny X-Man #518
    Blackest Night Flash #1
    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
    Nova #32
    Siege The Cabal
    Superman World of New Krypton #10

    Huh, it seems the only comic we're both picking up is the Siege one, and to be honest, I'm not even looking forward to that! I'm most looking forward to the start of the BN Flash mini.

  2. I just cant get excited about flash books any more, even though its Johns I just cant stand all these flashes running around

  3. With the exception of Barry(who I don't really care about one way or the other)I'm a pretty big fan of all of the other members of the Flash family. As a big GL fan, I've got no real problems with the prospect of a Flash Corps, or something similar.