Monday, 14 December 2009

A quick news recap!

Wow, I was of last week working on some music stuff and job hunting (still!) going out getting pissed and various other things. I flip open my laptop this weekend and the comics industry had gone mad with loads of breaking and exciting news, especially from DC. I'm sure you all know the big news stories by now, I'm just gonna post some of my thoughts.

First up the one I'm most excited about: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

I am SO excited for this. IMO "Batman R.I.P" is one of the greatest Batman stories ever. Morrison's whole run has been incredible. I just bought the companion to 'Batman RIP' (The Black Casebook), and the way Morrison references old story lines is masterful. His story shows why Bruce Wayne is and will always be THE greatest super hero ever. In 'Batman R.I.P' Bruce managed to fight off the greatest evil of all time, Satan himself in the guise of Dr. Hurt, and now in the next chapter of Morrisons masterpiece we have Batman battling through different ages in time to get back to the present Gotham City. Yeah i know this sounds a bit like a certain star spangled heroes journey from an opposing comics company, but I don't care, this mini series will piss all over that Cap mini, we're gonna have a pirate Batman for fucks sake! Did I mention Andy Kubert, the greatest artist of all time was involved too...! My head just exploded.

Marc Guggenheim to write 'Action Comics' in 2010

All I can see is "Thank fuck for that!". Rucka writes 'Detec' so he's the man and all, but the 'Action Comics' book has been shit since he's been writing it. I don't think its Rucka fault at all, he has to work with a bunch of different artists (mostly rubbish) and has been given some crap 'Superman New Krypton' bullshit storyline to follow along side James Robinson, and lame characters to work with. I like Guggenheim. I liked his 'Blade' series, I was one of the few who actually liked 'Young X-Men' and I dig his work on 'Resurrection' for Oni Press. Will he get 'Action Comics' to the height's that Geoff Johns did? Prob not, but I'll def give this a shot. 'War of the Supermen' seems to be the big DC event of next year, but I'm not too excited yet.

Free Comic Book Day 2010 - Marvel and DC titles announced.

A war is coming, and all that stands between Earth and 100,000 vengeful supermen is one Superman! Special #0 issue featuring all-new material previews the conflicts to come!

Well it' free so that's a good start, but still... don't really care.

As for Marvel:
Two of Marvel’s heaviest hitters like you’ve never seen them before! A major new direction for the Marvel Universe kicks off HERE – on Free Comic Book Day!

Again. Not. Really. Bothered. But it's free, so cool. I think Ill be checking out the other publishers more though this time around.

DC's Earth One

John's and Frank's on 'Batman: Earth One'. Sort of a dream come true for me. Since this teams amazing work on the Superman books I always wanted to see them try their hand at Batman. So I'm happy but... Earth One, the DCU's answer to Marvel's Ultimate line maybe, not too cool. I would have preferred them on a mainstream Batman title but I'll take this. I like the idea of this just being released as graphic novels too. Cool.

As for 'Superman: Earth One'... well we are just about half way though 'Superman: Secret Origins' and already they announce 'Superman: Earth One' which will no doubt again go over a new version of Superman's origin. I'm bored already. Plus it's written by J. Michael Straczynski who managed to bore me to death on 'Thor', 'The Twelve' and his 'Red Circle' titles. Pass.

Well that's it for now. Any of this news get you guys stoked?


  1. You didn't like J.M.S. on Thor? I thought it was slooooow but good.

    As for Batman, I'm reserving judgment until it comes out. Initially I thought "this looks so stupid", but when Morrison described it as him escaping the "ultimate trap", it put it into more of an acceptable context for me.

    Yeah, the Earth One and War of Supermen stuff is somthing I'll be passing by. I've had enough of the whole " a lot of guys with the powers of Superman" thing. We get it, they're like him, but they aren't him. He's special.

    Guggenheim always interests me with his projects, but he has such a "hollywood" style (if that makes sense) that I can't take it too seriously. He once had Bart Allen make some joke about the TV show "Keystone Cops", and it was so out-of-character. There is no way a kid from the 31st century would know about some short lived tv show from centuries before, even if he had read a whole library one time.

  2. Yeah, I know a lot of people including yourself liked JMS on Thor but I didnt get it.

    Yeah I say give the Return of Bruce Wayne mini a shot, it'll be huge.

    I def know what your saying about Guggenheims 'hollywood' style but i still like it. It seems though, for better or worse, that a lot of comic writers are writing in that hollywood style, especially the last couple of years. Would you agree?

    As for writing bart out of character, I did have that series, but didnt know the character well enough to judge. Your my 'Flash' man so Ill make you right on that too.