Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Check out Streets of Gotham and Action Comics

Batman: Streets of Gotham #4

I love that freaky cover. Creeps me out. I’m sure the main story will be as good as ever, I just hope the Manhunter back up gets better this issue, it’s the worst back up story from DC I’ve read so far.

Check the preview here.

Action Comics #881

I’m not gonna be buying this, but if you guys want to see the preview before you step in to your stores tomorrow, check it here.


  1. I've finally decided to give Streets of Gotham a shot, mainly thanks to you Matthew. I've manage to snag issues #2 and 3, but the first issue has been a bit tough for me to aquire thus far.

  2. Yeah its a really well written book, and basically a continuation of dini's work on detective comics. The art is one of them though where you love it or hate it I think. But I love it. I'll be interested to read your reviews on that book.

  3. I remember really liking Paul's work on Detective, and his writing work on the Arkham Asylum video game was brilliant. Plus I can remember you stating what a good series this was a few times here at your blog... I honestly don't know why I didn't collect this book right from the start...