Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My thoughts on Marvel being Disney's bitch

So I go away for the weekend and come back today to the crazy news that Disney have bought Marvel for $4 Billion (or £2.5 billion). I'm shocked, where the fuck did that come from?

Just when comics sort of start getting a bit of mainstream cred this happens. I'm sure most of you guys reading this in your teens or over can relate to what I'm about to say; I mean as a 25 year old man it can be quite hard owning up to people that you read comics. Most of the time you sort of get the reactions like; "Comic books?!?! But they're for kids! Ha, Ha , Ha" or some such bullshit. Am I right? But lately with much help from hugely successful films such as Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and many other comic book movie adaptions , the huge sales of the Watchmen graphic novel, this year and last, and the fact that most big book stores now have their own graphic novel section, people are starting to realise what we have known all along, comics aren't just for kids, or sci-fi fans or geeks or nerds or whatever else the "simpler" minded people think, but that is a different topic for conversation altogether. My point is; comic books were starting to be realised by a larger audience as a serious artistic and entertainment medium for ALL ages, not just kids, and I think this buy out may tarnish Marvel's image as a serious artistic outlet. I mean Disney gave the world Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, High School Musical and countless other monstrosities that they chuck down peoples throats on every bit of advertising space available, rotting kids brains and imagination in the process.

I just hope that Disney stick to their side of things and leave the actual running of Marvel to the Marvel guys. Marvel comics has always been my fav comic publisher, I really really hope this doesn't mean the Disney boys will start fucking with comic titles, like canceling more books that are not selling as well as their other better known titles or who knows what else could happen!? Disney can stick Spider-Man or Iron man on as many kids pyjamas in the Disney store as they want, just leave the story telling to the guys who have made Marvel the biggest comics publisher in the world. They obviously know how to create and sell great comics (most of the time).

That's all really. Mickey just better stay the fuck out of the way or the Hulk will rip him a new one!... or perhaps not, but maybe the fans will start buying less Marvel books, I know I already am because Marvel let shit writers like Loeb do whatever he wants and then they increase comic prices, make every other book a tie in to an "event" ... and... and.. well you get the picture. Is this another mistake on a long recent list by Marvel?

But who knows, I could be totally wrong and this could be amazing for Marvel and maybe Disney will throw loads of money into the company to make them bigger and better than ever before! Lets hope so.

That's how I feel right now. What about you guys? Please hit me back, I'd love to know your thoughts.

Hex out.

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  1. Yeah, my initial thoughts on this deal was "Oh HELL no!!!". I've always liked the idea that Marvel was their own company(unlike DC), and now they're selling out to frigging Mickey Mouse! I'm hoping Disney creates some new Marvel cartoons and junk like that and keeps out of the comic book side of things. Bottom line for me is that I'm not sure how this is going to effect things, but here's hoping Mickey keeps his hands off the comic book side of Marvel!