Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hex's Pull List - 09/30/09

Green Lantern #46

Secret Warriors #8
Spider-Man Clone Saga #1
X-Factor #49
X-Force #19
X-Men Forever #8

Nice size week, this is more like it, I don’t feel too bad or guilty each week if I’m only buying six books, It allows me to free up some cash and maybe I can get round to picking up one of TPB’s from my long lists of must buys, that just keeps growing and growing, or grabbing some older x-men back issues from e-bay.

I’m looking forward to reading the Clone Saga, just for the subject matter really. I never read the original but have always been fascinated by the idea of it and how it is universally hated, so the idea of the Clone Sage revisited and (apparently) told as it was intended intrigues me.

What are you guys picking up?


  1. Wow, just 1 DC book??? I'm sure I can top that! I don't plan on picking up the Clone Saga book, but if I hear enough good things about it I could definitely be swayed. I'll be ordering:

    Blackest Night Titans #2
    Gotham City Sirens #4
    GL #46
    JSA #31
    Supes #692
    Teen Titans #75
    Wonder Woman #36
    Runaways #14
    X-Factor #49

    Huh, just 9 books for me, it looks like it's a light week for the both of us Matt.

  2. Yes 1 DC book, Ive had to cull a lot of the weak, and only the strong shall surveive, survival of the fittest!

    Where as a lot of DC for you. You're still buying Teen Titans I see!

  3. I can tell you've been reading a lot of old X-Men comics Matt, you're starting to sound like Apocalypse!

    Yep, Teen Titans has actually picked up a little since the change of writers, and I'm eagerly anticipating Kid Flash and Superboy's returns to that series.