Tuesday, 15 September 2009

DVD's - What I'm buying.

I loved the latest Star Trek film, and I can honestly say before that I never had any interest whatsoever in watching Star Trek the Next Generation of any of the previous films Star Trek films. I always liked the original series. I wasn’t a die hard fan or anything but the campness amused me and it definitely had better characters than later series in my opinion.

Anyway as I said before I really dug the new Star Trek film, one of my fav films of the year so far. I felt it really done an amazing job of bringing the franchise to a new audience (i.e. me) so I was eagerly awaiting details of the DVD release from various companies in the UK trying to decide what exclusives you get from each company etc. Anyway after doing a bit of research there wasn’t too many exclusive out there. With the Iron Man film last year I was able to get a 2 disc Steelbook version with a mini sized Iron-Man #1. Basically an awesome package, so I was looking for something similar. This is what I went for in the end, and ordered for the November release date:

Star Trek XI (2-Disc Edition) with Free Comic Book (from IDW) (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk)

I decided to go for this as it came with the free mini comic book (shown above - I believe it is issue 1 of the Prequal series from IDW -Star Trek: Countdown). I’m a comic book fan, so it was ano brainer really.

Terminator Salvation was also available to pre-order, a film that I though as a stand alone action flick was really quite enjoyable. I had a search around on the net for exclusives again and Play.com have a steelbook available but it seems only single disc. In fact the only 2-disc edition I could find available to pre-order in the UK was over at HMV.COM, it just so happens that it came with this amazing Terminator head packaging.

Terminator 4: Salvation: 2dvd: Hmv Exclusive

How cool is that. I normally don’t like this type of casing (I have seen previous ones for Iron Man, Dark Night & Watchmen) as I always though they looked quite cheap but this one by far has the best detail. I think it will look pretty evil peering off my DVD shelf. Again this will be shipped to me in November when the DVD is released here in the UK.

So I was wondering, I always see amazing DVD exclusives over in the US and wondered if any of you guys got any cool deals on these on any other DVDs? What’s your favorite DVD exclusive you own, or plan on getting?

Hex out.

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