Monday, 28 September 2009

Read Surrogates #1 for FREE!

So the Surrogates movie staring Bruce Willis is out at the cinema, anyone seen it yet? I haven’t but I do plan on doing so at some point. But if like me you didn’t really know much about it (I knew it was based on a comic and Robots were involved, that was about it) Newsarama have made available the full first issue of the comic book series available to read for free HERE.

I read and really enjoyed the issue. It’s a futuristic noir/ detective type story and although at first I wasn’t sure about the scratchy style art, after a few pages I felt it totally fit with the style and tone of the book and made it feel darker and more mysterious and intriguing, and definitely of an alien/ futuristic setting. I'm definately considering picking up the rest of the series in TPB and look forward to seeing the movie, now I know a bit more of what it's about.

If this sounds like something you’re gonna dig then you can read the full first issue for free just by clicking HERE.

Enjoy guys, and let me know what you thought, of both the film and comic, do they compare? Which is better? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Hex out.

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