Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hex's Pull List 09/10/2009

Adventure Comics #2
Blackest Night Batman #2
Green Lantern Corps #40
Red Robin #4
Secret Six #13
The Shield #1
Wednesday Comics #10

Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Exodus
Dark Reign List Avengers One Shot
Kick-Ass #7
Ultimate Comics Avengers #2
War of Kings Who Will Rule #1
X-Men Forever #7

13 this week, but out of that I believe 7 are $3.99 books. All of the Marvel books this week are $3.99 except Kick-Ass. I’m really starting to feel these price increases each week.
Wednesday Comics is nearly finished, and I’m quite glad. What started off as a fantastic series has been a bit of a let down the last couple of weeks, with all the stories becoming a bit bland, and I think the whole newspaper novelty thing has now worn off. But I’ve bought the last 9 issues, so I’ll keep at it to the end (12 issues in total), hoping that it will finish strong.

'Kick-Ass #7' finally! I’m sure it will deliver the goods.

I hope we get some good Gladiator action in 'War of Kings: Who Will Rule', I love the idea as having him as the new Shi'ar ruler.

I hope we’ll find out what happens to the big blue fur ball Beast in; 'Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men- Exodus' and whether he retains his blue fur or not. It’s been quite an enjoyable cross over by Matt Fraction over all and I hope the story threads are tied up nicely in this issue.

What are you guys getting?


  1. You want Gladiator as the ruler of the Shi'ar??? Bah, I loathe the very idea! The guy has always been a brainless follower, how does that qualify him to lead one of the largest space-faring empires in all of the Marvel U? Personally I'd like to see Deathbird become the leader of the feather-heads. Alright, with that out of the way, here's what I'll be picking up this week.

    Adventure Comics #2
    Blackest Night Batman #2
    Booster Gold #24
    Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1
    Dark Reign: The List #1
    Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4
    Green Lantern Corps #40
    Secret Six #13
    Superman: World of New Krypton #7
    Titans #17
    Ultimate Avengers #2
    War of Kings: Who will rule #1
    Wednesday Comics #10

    Looks like we tied this week Matthew, 13 a piece. If I can scrape the money together, I'm really interested in picking up the Gotham Central Hardcover that drops this week... I don't know though, like you said, all these $3.99 books are really killing me!

  2. Oh man! Gladiator rules! Remember in the X-Men animated series when they did the Pheonix saga and he comes down to earth and just takes out the juggernaut with such ease? It was awesome. Plus, did you read the war of kings warriors, featuring him? Good origin issue. I think war of kings was opening up his character a bit and showing why he has gone from lap dog to leader.

    Seems we're getting a lot of the same this week.

    Gotham central; never read it but Ive heard good things. Was that the brubaker series? Quick question, do you tend to buy hardcover collections more than softcover?

  3. I used to LOVE the X-Men animated series! I'm still waiting for that show to come out on DVD. I swear I'd buy the whole damn series regardless of the price! X-Men and the Batman Animated Series from the 90's are by far my two favorite comic cartoons ever, hands down.

    Warriors is one of those books I've brought but haven't gotten around to reading yet. Maybe I should finally give those two issues a read.

    I've only managed to read one 4 issue storyarc of Gotham Central, but it was really good. Yep, that was the Brubaker series alright, and with me being a huge fan of Ed's work, I really don't know why I haven't hunted those back issues down yet.

    I usually pick up softcovers, they tend to be cheaper then their hardcover counterparts. It all depends on what I can get cheaper, the loose back issues, trades, or a hardcover. All in all, I probably have over 100 softcover trades and about 15 hardcovers.

  4. X-Man - that series is out on dvd already, but I'm not sure if all the seasons are done yet. Check them out on amazon. I was able to pick the complete series up on bootleg a couple of years ago for about £10 (prob $15?) and it was six discs worth. The quality is pretty good even though they were taped from Fox TV. One of the best bargains ever.

    The reason I ask about hardcovers is they seem to be admired as the best format (and thus most expensive) but I prefer soft cover every time. I just dont like the feel of the hardcover, it feels to bulky in my hands, and totally unlike a comic book to me.