Tuesday, 29 September 2009

X-Men Legacy Annual #1 – Review

X-Men Legacy Annual #1 – Review

Story by
Mike Carey
Art by
Daniel Acuna, Mirco Pierfederici

Emplate the mutant sucking vampire is back people, yes the same one from the Generation X days. Apparently he has been starving since M day and is on the hunt for some mutants to sustain his hunger, it’s pretty handy for him that all the mutants are now all cooped up in one place on Utopia Island, it’s like a mutant drive through.

There are some really good action scenes as Emplate battles and dominates against Cyclops X-Men. Another highlight are the scenes between Cyclops and Rogue as they discuss the future guidance of the younger mutants on the island.

Daniel Acuna’s art is just simply gorgeous, and I love his rendering of all the different X-Men characters and designs.

There was a second feature following Gambit on a mission to destroy Norman Osborn’s mutant power sucking machine (as you can tell the name for the machine escapes me right now). Gambit runs into a spot of bother and what’s very interesting is we find out that his Death powers (the ones given to him by Apocalypse) are still bubbling under the service and are activated during the battle, very unfortunately for Gambit’s foe.

This is a great issue. “Bold new direction!” says the cover and while it's not quite 'bold' the story threads with Emplate, Rogue’s leadership concerns and Gambit’s power issues make this a very interesting book going forward.

Hex's score: 4 out of 5

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