Thursday, 10 September 2009

Mini Reviews! - JLA -BLAND Justice #3 & Sweet Tooth

Justice League – Cry for Justice #3

On the strength of this appalling issue this title is now being dropped. This had the single worse dialogue of any comic I have ever read. I cannot believe a well respected writer is producing this crap. (But maybe I should have seen this coming as the only work of Robinsons I think I have ever enjoyed is the Jimmy Olsen: Superman’s pal one shots, which says a lot. I blame myself for buying his work for this long.) Some of the most stupid and cheesiest lines are used; “Are you a hero or a villain?” & “I’m good, not evil” and still more of; “I want JUSTICE!” (Jesus! We get the point!) but yet all the characters do is continuously stand around talking shit. I’ve decided while the art looks pretty, it is not right for the interior of a comic book, everything is far too static and boring. I will not be picking up any more issues of this or Superman (another title by Robinson that has been on the verge of being dropped by me for some time now) nor will I bother with JLA when he takes over on the main series. This comic was just complete crap. I can’t believe I paid $3.99 for this. Avoid if you value your intelligence.

0 out of 5

Sweet Tooth #1 - Review

This was an absolute pleasure to read. This is a real heart warming tale of a boy who is born different, and is kept away from the rest of the world by his father for fear that the boy may be hunted by others and taken away (It seems our lead character is not the only animal/human hybrid and it appears they are very valuable to hunters). In this issue we learn that the boy has already lost his mother to illness, and his father soon goes the same way. The boy’s curiosity for the out side world takes him away from the safety of his home where he is met by immediate danger, and then saved by a strange man who our lead has been having recurring nightmares about.

This was a really good read and at a cost of only $1 I definitely would tell everyone to pick this up. If you don’t like it, what the hell it’s only cost a dollar. I can’t praise Vertigo enough for their pricing on no. 1 issues when companies like Marvel stick a $3.99 price tag on all their no. 1’s.
I’m not going to buy each issue as I believe Vertigo titles read better in trade paper back, but on the strength of this issue I can’t wait to have the collection on my shelf.

4.5 out of 5.


  1. Wow, I couldn't disagree with you anymore on JL: Cry for Justice Matthew! I kind of feel like we were reading two different comic books! For one, I like the artwork, it's unique and different in a world of copycats. I will admit that the dialogue during the opening pages was kind of hokey and repetitive(does EVERYBODY have to cry for justice?), however, the rest of this comic was gold. Especially Prometheus' part. He gave off such a strong vibe of villany, and the ending set a great tone of dread for the upcoming issues. Wow, a 0 out of 5... I'm totally gobsmacked!

  2. Man I really hated, this, is was a real struggle to even finish. I notice on my updates you have reveiewd it also so I'm going to check out your review now.Ha hA - Cant wait to see what we disagree on.

  3. Sweet Tooth amazed me with the quality for money and i can safely say it'd be worth the stanard price.

    Also Justice League... Well I dropped it after issue 1 but i'm sad to admit i've been downloading it simply to laugh at the stupidity. good reviews dude