Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hex's Late Pull List - 1/09/09

(Cover to Sweet Tooth #1)

It's another late post, but our comics in the UK are due out today, and here's what I'll be picking up.

Justice League Cry for Justice #3
Wednesday Comics #9
Sweet Tooth #1 (Vertigo)

Cable #18
Ghost Riders: Heavens on Fire #2
Immortal Weapons #2
Incognito #6

YES! A nice small week to help me catch up. I'm mostly looking forward to the final issue of Incognito, it's been a great series and when I finally can get round to it I'll pick up the Criminal TPB's by the same guys.

I'll also check out Sweet Tooth as it's only $1. Did anyone else pick this up?

So yeah, this pull list is late, and most of you guys have probably got or ordered your comics by now, so what did you get?


  1. Here's what I bought this week:

    Exiles #6
    Invincible Iron Man #17
    Deadpool #15
    Batman #690
    Chew #4
    Agents of Atlas #10
    Buffy #28
    Sweet Tooth #1

    You don't read Agents of Atlas? I think you would really like it. Best book Marvel is putting out imo.


  2. Batman #690
    JL: Cry for Justice #3
    Magog #1
    Wednesday Comics #9
    Authority #14

    And that's it! This is the smallest pull list for me in ages! Not one single Marvel book managed to make my list this week... That's really pretty sad. I will be picking up Incognito once it hits in trade form, since I've heard nothing but good things about it.

  3. Hi J, I see you're sticking with exiles to the end, I know you enjoyed that one. I'm surprised you're pciking up Batman as I thought previously on your show you had said you didnt like Winick on the title, but maybe I was wrong.
    As for Agents, yeah I been meaning to pick that up for a while now as I know you guys like it so I do want to check it out. But its too far in now for me to start, ive been on the look out for cheap back issues but havent found any yet, might pick up the trades to try it out or jump on board with the x-men cross over, which I think is Marvels idea anyway. yeah ill def check that out, so hopefully that will give me a good idea of the series.
    X-man - yeah incognito has been really cool and it would read better in trade. Yeah no marvel for you this week, less and less for me each week, whats happening to us?

  4. I don't know man... It wasn't all that long ago I was buying 10+ Marvel books every week. Here's hoping after this Dark Reign nonsense finally ends Marvel gets back to basics and stops with all the political shit that's been dominating the company since Civil War.

  5. I actually really like Winick's run on Batman. Elliott was the one who did like Winick but has said he is enjoying the current run also. I did a last rants a couple of months ago about how angry I was that DC was replacing Winick with Tony Daniel because Winck has been doing a stellar job.

    I belive Agents of Atlas will be stopping at issue #12. Then there will be the 2 issues with the X-men and from there it will be a back-up feature in Incredbile Herc. There is a collection of the first 5 or 6 issues that came out a few weeks ago. You should be able to catch up before the book is relaunced next year.


  6. Yeah agree totally x-man - Marvel u needs a change of pace.

    Thanks J - I didnt realise aoa would be going into the incred her back up. Interesting. I think Ill check out the x-men x-over and if I like that pick up the trades. thanks for the info.