Monday, 3 August 2009

Daredevil #500 – All the covers here

I was looking at Marvel’s solicitations for the next month and came across Daredevil #500 by Ed Brubaker. An issue I’m looking forward to as it will be the conclusion to the Lady Bullseye/ Return of the King story arc that I’ve enjoyed. The cover picture shown for the issue on Marvel was all blurred and the other variants mentioned had no covers shown, so I managed to track these down on the internet and there were some cool variant covers. So as I haven’t seen them all in one place yet I’m posting them here. (Click pic to enlarge).
Regular cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Variant cover by Alex Ross

Variant "Dynamic Forces 'Negative'" cover by Alex Ross

Variant cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Variant cover by Geoff Darrow

Fucking awesome Ross cover, (the main one, not the terrible 'negative' one, why he does those covers I’ll never know?! Oh yeah, for the Benjamins!), I really love the Gabriele Dell'Otto cover also and the regular wrap around cover is okay, but has a bit too much going on. The Geoff Darrow variant however, well that is pretty terrible. Looks like someone catching Daredevil commit suicide on their camera phone, unless that was what he was going for?!?!

Any of you guys picking this issue up? Which cover do you guys like best?

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  1. Your comment about the Geoff Darrow cover had me cracking up! That's EXACTLY what it looks like. I like the main one, although like you've said, the Alex Ross one is pretty sweet too. I'll definitely be picking this book up, I've been enjoying Ed's entire DD run, so I wouldn't miss this issue for the world.