Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Red Circle: The Web – mini review

Red Circle: The Web #1 - Review

Writer: J Michael Straczynski
Artist: Roger Robinson

Well, after two pretty slow Red Circle One-Shots, this just got good. This was actually the issue I was least looking forward to because I thought the idea of the character was pretty stupid, i.e. a superhero who can be contacted via the internet to help solve your problems. Well I was wrong and this issue was great. It sets up some personal tragedy for our main character, features him finding out what a real hero needs to be and introduces a couple of cool arch enemies for the character. Our hero is a mega rich playboy whose invested his wealth into a hi tech command station and a costume that has more gadgets than Iron Man including increased strength and flight, just a shame about the colour scheme. This was a great one in done superhero outing and I hope the great work continues for the last Red Circle one shot featuring The Shield.

Hex's Score - 4 out of 5.

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