Thursday, 20 August 2009

Geoff Johns for Captain Marvel film + my thoughts on too many comic book movies

So all the usual sites have been reporting that Geoff Johns (along with Bill Birch) is set to write the screenplay for a Shazam/ Captain Marvel movie. He has already been confirmed as writer the Flash movie for Warner Bros. and I got to say I’m sure he’ll do good work with both films and stay close to the source material. But because we keep hearing about all these films being made by Warner Bros. for DC characters, I’m sort of over it, we are always hearing rumours about all these comic book films that might or might not see the light of day, I kind of don’t really care anymore.

I get the feeling that the information for these movies get released on the net way before they should, when the films are still just little ideas of the writers, directors, producers, whoever, which makes me think who actually leaks this stuff?

The market place for comic book movies is going to be vastly over saturated very soon. Some have been great (Iron Man, Batman Begins/ Dark Knight) but a lot more have been really bad (Wolverine, Superman Returns, Catwoman...I could go on).

I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t get too excited anymore when I hear about a new comic book movie being made (or might be made). Do you think we’ll ever see Green Arrow: Supermax of whatever the fuck it’s being called now. I’m not so sure, but no doubt we’ll have a Superman reboot again soon, we’ve also got loads coming out from Marvel over the next few years and while I know I should be looking forward to most of them films, based on previous experience, more often than not the films are awful and I wish I hadn’t wasted my time or money.

I sound a bit bitter and sure I’m not going to love every comic book movie, or hate every one, but the way thinks are going I’m caring less and less either way. I just think it makes the industry look bad when every other bad movie is based on a comic book.

So guys, agree or disagree? Are there too many comic book movies now being made? Do fans still get excited about the announcement of the next comic based adaption? Do fans care any more, or am I on my own here? Please comment and let me know.

Thanks guys.

Matthew Hex


  1. First off, how the hell is Geoff possibly going to find the time to write/co-write TWO screenplays besides his regular comic book duties?!? I swear, Geoff must have figured out the secret to human cloning or something...

    Personally, I don't watch ANY comic book movies anymore. Why bother? The best movie will always pale in comparison to a great comic book. I'd take the Age of Apocalypse x-over or Starman over any comic book movie, anytime!

  2. I know what you're saying about Johns, he mut be a total workaholic, he does'nt stop does he, I wonder I how much he gets paid for all this work. He must be so rich.

    I agree the movies never compare to the comic books, but for a long time i was still excited enough to want to check them out, now i'm sort of not caring any more because like you said, comic books win out everytime. I really think it is the greatest story telling medium out there.

  3. "I really think it is the greatest story telling medium out there." Totally agreed.