Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Matt's Mini Reviews - Last weeks books

Action Comics #880

Codename: Patriot continues in good fashion, good action, and nice interaction between characters. Supes comes back to Earth in hunt of Zod’s shooter and Flamebird and Nightwing get it on. I’m loving General Lane as the villain, and much better work on the art this issue. Captain Atom back up still looks amazing and has me intrigued as to WTF is going on.

Cable #17

Improvement on the last issue but I’m bored with just Bishop chasing Cable now. Nice idea to bring in a love interest for Hope. Cable manages to track down Hope this issue and posing as Stryfe collects a small army and leaves the dying earth for the stars with Bishop hot on his tail again! We’ll see if a bit of space adventure next issue will improve things. I really want it to, I love these characters.

X-Men Forever # 5

Loads of fun still but the story has a reveal that mutants are dying out due to their x-gene. This series is meant to be on a different path to the normal Marvel U but mutants are near extinct in the regular Universe too. That pissed me off a bit as I love the fact that mutants were supposed to be the next stage in human evolution, but this book is now going against that. It’s still a very enjoyable read though and Grummets artwork gets better every issue. The story ends with the X-Men questioning their future. Who ill stay and who will go? Great book for classic x-fans.

Adventure Comics #1

Beautiful art. But bit of a boring start story wise. It was good, but the story basically focuses on Superboy settling back in Smallville, and not much else. There are a few little plot lines seeded and continued from other books including that weird alien thingy from ‘Superman’ (remember the Guardian’s buddy) by Johns that also tied into the Legion back up which was cool. Starman was the focus of the back up and he is such a great character. The back up rocked.

Blackest Night #2

I had an absolute brilliant time reading this. You will all know by now, as you’ve probably read it, this books is fantastic. The artwork is phenomenal; it really is one of the best looking superhero books around. Hawkman is just so creepy, I love it. High point for me was Barry & Hal vs. the Martian Manhunter, that was awesome. But Hal crashing into the bat signal and that last page with the Black Lantern Justice League! Some of the coolest pages ever!

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