Thursday, 27 August 2009

Megan Fox is Catwoman in Batman 3!?!

(Just imagine that body in the cat suit!)

According to British tabloid the Sun, Megan Fox will be in the role of Catwoman in Nolans Next Batman movie. How accurate is this? Who knows? But I woudn't count the Sun newspaper amongst the most reliable sources when in comes to movie news. Most of the news they print is rubbish, slightly entertaining, but mostly rubbish nonetheless.

So what do you guys think about Fox as Selina Kyle, she certainly is one of the most sort after actresses in Hollywood at the moment and I think if Catwoman was to be in the next Batman, I've got no probs with Fox in the role, and Nolan done an amazing job with the first 2 films so I trust his judgement, unless he's just thinking with his dick!.


  1. Since this is coming from the Sun I am really hoping that this story is BS. But if this story is somehow true I can guarantee you I will NOT be seeing the new Batman film. I absolutely despise Megan Fox.

    Now if Catwoman was played buy someone like, say, Rachel Weisz then I would see that movie ten times in the theater.


  2. Wow! You'd avoid the film altogether because of one casting! That some serious hate on her. But I havent seen transformers 2 yet, and I'm hearing its pretty bad. maybe Ill feel the same as you after I have!

  3. Dude, british tabloids are not to be trusted with anything they ever say, it's the hidden law of our land.