Tuesday, 25 August 2009

DC Previews

There’s a couple of nice previews over at The Source for you DC fans.

First up a preview of Flash Rebirth #4. I stopped picking up this title after the second issue as I wasn’t really enjoying it. I’m normally a big fan of Johns work but ironically for a Flash book I found this was really slow at moving the story along. I’m not really a Flash fan though so that might be another reason I didn’t enjoy it. I’ll see what the reaction to the title as a whole is once it’s finished and if its’ good I might pick up the trade. Anyway, you can check the preview here.

Next up is JSA #30. The last issue was really good with the JSA getting their butts kicked by a group of super-villains so I look forward to reading the issue this week to find out what happens next. Check the preview here.

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