Thursday, 20 August 2009

More Mini Reviews - Last weeks books

Uncanny X-Men #514

A good chapter in this cool little cross over. Summers steps up and starts putting teams of various X-Men in tactical positions for the final show down. Emma’s true involvement with Osborn is still unclear to me. The Daken/Bullseye ruck was fun, it’s only a matter of time before that really boils over. The art and coloring are really great, writing too, but I would like to see more of Dark Beast and the captured mutants to find out what’s going on there. Hopefully that will be explored next chapter.
Blackest Night: Batman #1

Ummm… I was a bit disappointed with this. It was okay but I think after two great chapters in the main Blackest Night series I was expecting more of the same big action and dark horror, but this didn’t really have it. It mainly sets that up for next issue, and there was too much focus on Deadman for me, and him jumping from body to body. He could easily been given a co-title. Not sure if Tomasi’s writing of Dick and Damian was right for me either, I know the action will be coming next issue, so I look forward to that.

Red Circle: Inferno #1

Really nice art, sketchy and dark, but no real story of how Inferno ended up the way he is, or why he looks completely different when he changes to Inferno (i.e. goes bald and grows a moustache!). Could have been another chapter of Hangman as he was featured a lot, and used well, though the extent of his powers seem unclear. I’m not sure on this series. First issue is all origin for Hangman, this issue has none at all for Inferno. The Web is featured next. Lets see how that issue turns out, but this one is probably another pass.

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