Monday, 10 August 2009

Nate Grey returns! Plus all the other Marvel news from Chicago Comic Con!

Chicago Comic Con 2009– Marvel News Round Up!

So what did we learn this weekend from Chicago Comic Con 2009? Well there were a few Marvel announcements worth a mention. Read on for my quick round up:

- DARK AVENGER ANNUAL #1 was announced. Creative team will be writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Chris Bachalo, and the storyline will focus heavily on Dark Avenger Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy) and promises a Sentry versus Marvel Boy fight. Hmmm could be worth a look then.

- Iron Man’s troubles will continue from the “World’s Most Wanted” arc into a new story arc entitled "Stark Disassembled," beginning this November with issue #20. Series writer Matt Fraction states that the title character will be “making this ultimate sacrifice for the good of the many”!

- The writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will continue their Marvel space opera by following “War of Kings” with “Realm of Kings”. Marvel says “In November, get ready to really explore the new Realm of Kings with the REALM OF KINGS one-shot with art by Leonardo Manco, which sets the landscape and tone for the event, two five-issue limited series with REALM OF KINGS: INHUMANS and REALM OF KINGS: IMPERIAL GUARD, as well as tie-in arcs in both GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and NOVA.”

- Beginning with November's issue #138, fan-favorite writer Jeff Parker takes charge of THUNDERBOLTS.

- ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS PROLOGUE and INCREDIBLE HERCULES #138 will start a new and important story arc for the Prince of Power, both written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. INCREDIBLE HERCULES #138 will also kick off a new series of Agents of Atlas back-up features, from writer Jeff Parker. So I take it this means the main series will be cancelled. Sorry AOA fans!

- Limited series DARK X-MEN will be hitting shelves this November, by writer Paul Cornell and artist Leonard Kirk, and will be bringing back one of my favorites from the great comic book shop in the sky, none other than X-Man Nate Grey! Can’t wait!

- S.W.O.R.D. was announced as a new Marvel ongoing series. Newsarama says” Spun out of the pages of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men, S.W.O.R.D. will follow Agent Brand, Beast, and Lockheed as they strike out for new territory unexplored thus far in the Marvel universe.” The creative team involved is writer Kieron Gillen and artist Steven Sanders.

- Lastly an almost pointless Spider-Man mini series was announced, “Writer Paul Tobin and artist Patrick Scherberger give readers a whole new perspective on the classic Secret Wars with SPIDER-MAN AND THE SECRET WARS, a four-issue limited series beginning this December. With each self-contained issue, Tobin returns to a different part of the Secret Wars saga”. I have no Idea why this mini series is needed at all.

So that’s the news round up guys. The big news for me here is the return of Nate Grey. I’m really excited for that. Anything here got your guys attention?


  1. Wow, I'm both incredibly excited and terrified at the same time! First off, I think it's great that Paul Cornell is the writer bring Nate back, so far I've enjoyed everything from him that I've read. Hopefully this appearence leads to bigger and better things for Nate. I wonder which version of Nate will be coming back, the original one, or the shaman one from later on. Either way I'll be happy, but in the post-House of M Marvel Universe I think shaman Nate might be a more interesting read. You've gotta think he's going to be pissed that his "tribe" was decimated. Thanks for alerting me to this great news Matthew.

  2. Call me crazy, but as far as I'm concerned, in a one-on-one fight, Marvel Boy can take Sentry!

  3. Im glad its cornell too and yeah i hope this means he'll be sticking around. as for the versions of nate, i only know the first one from aoa through to about issue 20 odd of the series, thats when i stopped buying comics for a good few years so ill have to do some catching up.

    and you are crazy, sentry has the power of a million exploding suns! (or some such bullshit) plus he is a loon, which makes him more dangerous

  4. "sentry has the power of a million exploding suns! (or some such bullshit)" Haha, only in comic books can someone have the "power of a million exploding suns"! Nah, I'm serious, Noh-Varr could take Sentry, million suns and all. The Noh-Varr Grant Morrison created in the "Marvel Boy" mini was able to take out a bunch of super-soldiers with Hulk-like strength. However, with Bendis doing the writing, who the hell knows what's going to happen...

    Going back to Nate, around issue #60(?)Marvel rebooted a whole bunch of X-comics under something called Counter-X under Warren Ellis' direction. Warren turned Nate into a "shaman" who protected mutants from those that would harm them. The shaman stuff was interesting, but shaman Nate was so different from pre-Counter-X Nate it was like they were two different characters.