Thursday, 27 August 2009

"Wolfman" trailer and more Werewolf wackiness!

(Awesome poster for the new Wolfman movie. The werewolf looks fantastic!)

The trailer for the new Wolfman film is here! Unfortunately embedding on the trailer had been dissabled so I can’t post the video, but you can check it at Empire's site here.

I do like the look of this, I hope it doesn’t rely too heavily on CGI for the actual Wolfman. But It’s got a great cast and I am a bit of a sucker for a werewolf flick.

It’s quite weird that I came across it yesterday as last night they were showing the classic ‘American Werewolf in London’ on the Sci-fi channel. It’s probably the best werewolf movie I’ve seen, as well as being a great horror flick it’s really humerous and has brilliant visual effects (it has an absolutely amazing transformation scene), and is basically a must see film imo.

Here’s a quick little trailer I found on youtube with some great highlights from the film.

And here is the amazing transformation scene that I managed to track down on youtube. The effects are so ahead of their time.

And as I’m now in a wacky Wolfman type of mood it reminded me of a hilarious scene from one of my fav films as a kid “The Monster Squad”. If you haven't scene it, think the Goonies with monsters. They really need to release this film on Region 2 DVD so I can buy it.

So here for your amusement (well mostly mine) is the infamous “Wolfman’s Got Nards!” scene. Classic!

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