Monday, 3 August 2009

Preview – Justice League: Cry for Justice #2

DC has posted preview pages from the second issue of Justice League mini-series hitting this week. The issue opens with a conversation between Hal & Ollie in Gotham that is really funny and insightful and I think writer James Robinson and artist Mauro Cascioli do a great job in this opening scene, which I’ve posted below (click image to enlarge).

You can view the rest of the preview pages here.


  1. This was a great scene. I guess that's Dick Grayson gliding in on the last panel. Interesting.

  2. Yeah must be Dick, I love the timing of that line- "you'd have to be nuts to live here" just as dick swoops in. It's great.

  3. And we don't get Dick's response?

    (It is tempting, but I'm not buying this book just to find out.)

  4. No worries heffison, I'll be getting this book so I'll let you know next week.