Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mega Mini Reviews – Last weeks books

Captain America Reborn #2

Better issue than the first. Steve is trapped in re-living his past, jumping from moment to moment (kind of like Quantum Leap actually), but without being able to act for fear of changing the future. In the present, Bucky Cap & Black Widow are captured by the Dark Avengers and Osborn. Norman Osborn is a key player in this series, as it seems he wants Captain America back as much as our heroes (if only for his own twisted purposes) but has more resources to pull it off. I think this title will only continue to improve, just that I’m not that crazy about Hitch’s art work.

Superman World of New Krypton #6

Still don’t like this series. I sort of had to pick this up to get the first part of Codename Patriot that runs through the other Superman books that I pick up. The writing was fine but I’m not a fan of the art at all, the inks and coloring are far too strong, and the pencils on smaller panels look really rushed. The story is okay, but this was mostly a set up issue and the action should be picking up in the next chapters. Nice last page though, (SPOLIERS!) “This is a job for…Superman!” Very cool.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #2

More talking of Justice! (We get he point)! This has pretty art, but not much of the story line has really grabbed me yet. But I am liking the dialogue between characters and I know this is controversial on the net but I actually really liked the joke about Hal’s threesome (come on, he’s an air pilot/ superhero cop with a magic ring, of course he’s gonna get laid!) Nice to see some Atom action too. I’ll keep buying this.

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