Thursday, 16 July 2009

Deadpool #900 annouced for October. Which book will get the Marvel milestone treatment next?

Marvel has recently reverted some of its more popular and longer lasting titles to original numbering and released a number of milestone issues which have proved very popular with fans. These oversized issues normally sell out immediately and top the sales charts and at a price of $4.99 an issue you can’t really blame Marvel for putting more and more of these issues out.

So far we have had; Uncanny X-Men #500, Thor #600, and Captain America #600, while the following will be released over the coming weeks; Amazing Spider-Man #600, Incredible Hulk # 600 and Daredevil #500.

But this latest announcement from Marvel of a new milestone issue came to me as more of a surprise. The latest is Deadpool #900 out in October. Yes Deadpool!?!?!

Deadpool has been a very popular marvel character over the last year or so and is currently supporting two ongoing series, a mini series, and has a feature film in the works. Marvel has now come up with the idea to release Deadpool #900, no doubt making this another $4.99. While I have enjoyed the oversized issues released so far, making this issue a random stupid number like 900 just so they can charge $4.99 for the book pisses me off a little. But I enjoy the main Deadpool series by Daniel Way, and if they include lots of good extras, I’m sure I’ll still be picking it up come October.

Now with Deadpool #900 hitting, it got me thinking as to when Marvel will stop with these milestone issues and conversions to original numbering and I thought , with Wolverine being arguably Marvels most popular character, would he be next in line to receive similar treatment.

So with the help of Wikipedia and Comicvine I have tried to compile a list of titles, new and old that Wolverine has starred in as the main character to obtain what the next milestone issue of Wolverine COULD be. His main titles are:

Wolverine #1-4 (Sept.-Dec. 1982)
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1–6 (Nov. 1984 – April 1985)
Wolverine vol. 2, #1–189 (Nov. 1988 – June 2003)
Marvel Comics Presents #1–10, 39–142, 150–155
Origin #1–6 (November 2001 – July 2002)
Wolverine: Origins #1—37 , Annual #1 (July 2006— )
Wolverine vol.3, #1— 75 (July 2003— )
Weapon X #1–4 (March–June 1995)
Weapon X vol.2, #1–28
Wolverine: First Class #1—16 (March 2008— )
Wolverine: Weapon X #1—3 (June 2009— )
Total: 497 issues

This is just a very rough figure, and does not include the many one shots and countless other mini-series Wolverine has starred in. I just tried to include the main and most relevant titles in this characters rich history, but please feel free to let me know of any important ones you think I may have missed.

So with all that taken into consideration it would be very easy for Marvel to issue a milestone issue of, for example, Wolverine #500.

What do you guys think about the idea of Deadpool #900 and which book do you think will be next in line to get a milestone issue, if any?

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