Wednesday, 29 July 2009

G. Johns to write a second JLA series?

(Mon-El's new costume design, a sleeker Superman look)

While over at Newsarama I came across a new article they call ‘Column…for JUSTICE!’ By Troy Brownfield

The article was mainly a nice little history lesson of the new JLA characters for fans. Members being Mon-El, Donna Troy, Batman (Dick Grayson), Hal Jordan, Congorilla and maybe Vixen.

The part that interested me however was this;

“There will (probably) be two ongoing Justice League books. James Robinson will be writing, and Mark Bagley will be drawing, although it’s not been totally spelled out as to how the books will be divided. The going rumor/assumption is that Geoff Johns and a superstar artist will be handling the other book, but that awaits confirmation.”

This is the first I have heard about a second ongoing JLA book, I knew Johns was working on something being kept under wraps for the last few months but a new Flash ongoing written by Johns was announced at SDCC and I thought that was it. He is already writing Green Lantern, Blackest Night (+various tie-ins), Superman Secret Origins, Flash Rebirth and now the Flash ongoing. Is it possible that he has time to be writing a second Justice League book? I got to say I think this is unlikely, however as he is my favorite DC writer I would love for nothing more than for him to come aboard and sort out the Justice League series. Whether I would buy the Robinson book also if I had a Geoff Johns penned Justice league I’m not so sure about. What do you guys think? Had you heard this rumor about a second JLA series penned by Johns and is there any truth to it?


  1. Yeah, this is a hot topic in the comic book community right now. I think Troy and Newsarama might have jumped the gun on this one, since there hasn't really been any substantial evidence that Johns will write a second ongoing JLA title.

    Still, it's been rumored for some time now that there will indeed be a second JLA book, and I know that was the plan when James Robinson's "Cry for Justice" miniseries was first announced as an ongoing last year. But that's no longer the case, obviously.

    The only tidbit that might confirm that Johns will write a second JLA ongoing that I know of is something he said at one of the panels at Comic-Con. When asked if he would write a JLA book in the near future, Johns said something along the lines of "No. Not right now. (Pause.) I'm a terrible liar." Hey, take it for what it's worth.

  2. Johns is the Bendis of DC at present. Not bad, some strokes of genius, but getting stretched so thin across stuff it's ridiculous

  3. That second JLA book written by Johns is supposed to be drawn by Jim Lee. When they say "waiting for confirmation" I think they mean "How many issues can we try to get in the can before we announce this thing so we can assure people it will be on time?"

    Johns also has another untitled book planned for next year with Gary Frank when their Supes Origins mini is done. He's IS becoming the new Bendis but he's not as awful quite yet.


  4. Johns=Bendis?!?! No way! That's practically blasphamy! :) Geoff is still producing some awesome stuff, where as Bendis has sucked for the past three years or so. I for one would totally welcome a JLA comic written by Geoff, but then again, I'd welcome ANYTHING written by Geoff!

    I'd happily buy both a Robinson written JLA as well as a Johns one. Both are great writers, and both would produce some sweet JLA stories.

  5. Great comments guys, thanks. So it seems here then that there is def going to be a sceond JLA series by Johns. Drawn by Jim Lee would shock me. I had heard the same rumour about him working with Gary Frank again after superman secret origins. What the project would be I dont know, perhaps JLA. As for Johns being the new Bendis, I gotta say that is harsh but I think I get what you mean. He seems to be the main creative inspiration and driving force for dc, like bendis is for marvel. I know flash rebirth hasnt been great (not a flash fan anyway though) but johns body of work def outshines bendis imo.