Monday, 27 July 2009

Immortal Weapons #1 – Review

Immortal Weapons #1 –Review

Hex’s Score: 4 out of 5

This was a really funny and entertaining comic from Jason Aaron and all the artists involved. Fat Cobra whose age is now in triple figures is an old fat drunk who loves some female company. This we know. What this story does is fill in the missing gaps of Fat Cobra’s past for both the reader and the forgetful drunken lead character. There are some great scenes of his globe trotting adventures, each drawn by a different artist, all drawn excellently. The only problem I did find was the inconsistency of Fat Cobra’s tattoos. On the awesome cover by David Aja (shown above) and in one of the flash backs Fat Cobra has his upper body covered with Oriental tattoos but in the present day story and other flash back sequences featured he has none. His tattoos are a major part of the character design and I can’t believe the other artists left them off.

Highlights of the big man’s history include the story of his birth to pig farmers (much to Cobras annoyance), Fat Cobra facing off against a deadly but beautiful woman, the scene where Cobra is confronted by his many children and has to make some harsh decisions and last but not least; his tutorage of the one and only King of Rock...Elvis! It’s a hilarious scene.

The naming of an Immortal Weapons signature moves is one of my favourite parts of the Iron Fist title and thankfully Aaron uses the same idea to great effect on Fat Cobra’s arsenal of deadly kung-fu moves.

The second feature Iron Fist story by Duane Swiercynski & Travel Foreman is a welcome addition and takes Danny Rand away from the adventures of K’un Lun and back into the grim reality of the real world. It’s a hard hitting, action packed street level story and I look forward to the next chapter.

This is a definite pick up for Immortal Iron Fist fans as it gives a great background to a likeable character and the writing and story continues vey much in the same vein as the Immortal Iron Fist title. New readers should not be put off however as you could easily jump on board to this mini series without any Iron Fist back ground knowledge and still have as much fun as a pig in shit!

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