Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My thoughts on Wednesday Comics #1

The other title I really want to read this week is Wednesday Comics #2. Last weeks issue was fantastic and I loved the newspaper format, the art and the huge range of stories and creative teams (highlights include the Adam Strange, Kamandi and Hawkman stories, but they’re all great.). I didn’t even mind the $3.99 price tag, even though it is only printed on newspaper, I felt it was worth it. AND you don’t have to wait a month for the next issue, it ships weekly! I did have one or two small nitpicks though. They were:

1) The stories were only one page long and read far too quickly. I feel at least 2 pages per story would have been a lot more satisfying.

2) When folded the newspaper was slightly wider than normal comics and therefore Wednesday Comics does not fit into a regular sized storage bag (still fits in my long boxes though). I want to store these issues safely as it is printed on newspaper the pages are much more likely to tear and turn yellow. (Any advice will be welcome or please let me know how you guys will be storing your issues).

3) The Wonder Woman story was totally weird and I couldn’t read it properly and it was pretty much shit.

Apart from those few things I thought Wednesday Comics #1 had amazing art, new and fresh ideas and was loads of fun.

If any of you guys picked the issue up I’d love to know your views on it.


  1. In order to bag and board your Wednesday Comics issues, I'd suggest getting some Silver Age comic book bags. Those bags are a bit wider than current comic book bags, and you can probably find them in your local comic shop.

  2. I skipped Wednesday Comics #1, but now I'm thinking about giving it a shot. One quick question though, what is it all about? Is it previews for various comics, is it a bunch of one-shot stories or is it something else altogether?

  3. Thats a good idea robert, i think ill do that, thanks.

    X-Man - wednesday comics is 15 - 1 page stories on broadsheet newspaper. The art and panels are very large. A different character is used for each 1 page storys, they are Batman, Superman, Adam Strange, Hawkman, Deadman, Wonder Woman, Metal Men, Teen Titans, Metamorpho Sgt Rock, Kamandi, catwoman, green lantern, supergirl & flash. Each story is completely separate and will continue each week, so you get a page of story a week for 12 weeks, 12 page story in total. It is supposed to be like the old phantom stories (for example) where you would get a few panels in your newspaper every sunday, to be continued in the next days. Holding up the large newspaper to read is really cool. My girlfriend even thought it looked amazing and she has no interest in comics whatsoever.

  4. Thanks for the explanation man. I think I'll see if I can grab the first two issues. In theory this actually sounds pretty cool.