Friday, 24 July 2009

San Diego Comic Con - Day 1 - News Round Up

(JSA All Stars)

So San Diego Comic Con started yesterday with some news from DC about Blackest Night, the Superman titles and the Justice Society America, with some new series announced for Vertigo also.

Major Spoilers has the best coverage I’ve read so far. The important news from the Con are nicely laid out with bullet points and listed in categories making it very easy to read. You can get to it here.

Some points I’d like to go over:

Justice Society will be getting a new ongoing series (the main JSA will still continue also) entitled JSA All Stars written by Sturges with art by Freddie Williams, this will focus on the younger members of the JSA who disagree with the core team about how ‘pro-active’ they should be against criminals and decide to take their own course of action. Now firstly this sounds very familiar to what is happening with the JLA over in ‘Cry for Justice’. Secondly, the Geoff Johns penned ‘Thy kingdom Come’ storyline in the pages of JSA just dealt with an internal rift. Why are these writers going over the same ground again? Having said that, I am more inclined to pick up JSA All Stars though as this deals with the young blood JSA’ers who as new characters, I believe, have the opportunity for more character development and have new stories be told.

Superman #700 will be titled Mon-el: Man of Valor and will be a darker character with a new costume. This sounds quite exciting. Mon-El has frankly been a bit dull in the pages of Superman so maybe this twist will give new freshness to the character and make him a bit more interesting.

Geoff Johns is working on Blackest Night: The Flash, which arrives in December. I expect more of these mini-series to be announced to make sure DC can make as much money out of Blackest Night as possible. I’m interested to see how many of these will be essential to the main story, but being the sucker I am I’ll no doubt end up picking them all up!

Be sure to check back here daily for more news from SDCC.

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