Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Rant about the 40 Thieves... uh, I mean Marvel.

There was news at SDCC about the X-Men line of books and the potential return of millions of mutants.

When I first heard this news I was excited about the prospect of mutantkind returning. I hated the “no more mutants” idea (how comes most of the X-Men kept their powers? Fucking stupid!) and thought that there must have been a better way to strip down the mutant population (as I agree it was getting out of hand).

Anyway, when I was reading the October solicitation for the X-Men books I came across the following:

X-FORCE/NEW MUTANTS: NECROSHA ONE-SHOT # 1 The Story: Death has come to the X-Men. The one true Black Queen has returned, and she wants nothing less than every soul of mutantkind...dead or alive. And everyone that's ever crossed Selene is going to pay. The dead rise, familiar faces haunt mutants across the world, and Selene takes her final steps into becoming a god. It all begins here in a full-length X-FORCE extravaganza, and continues in the pages of next month’s issue of X-FORCE…but the shockwaves of this terrifying event will be felt in NEW MUTANTS and X-MEN: LEGACY as well, and those reverberations begin here in two all-new bonus tales.

Now when I read 'The dead rise, familiar faces haunt mutants across the world,' I couldn’t believe it. What a rip off of Blackest Night! If millions of mutants return as zombies I will not be happy. Mutants need to be back where they belong in the Marvel U as the next step in human evolution, imo this was one of the best ideas in the Marvel U and an idea that really set Marvel apart from DC.

First Marvel copy the extra features idea of DC for $3.99 books (which I admit I’m happy about but still), now they copy Blackest Night, what the fuck is next Marvel? You going to have your own version of Wednesday Comics too but charge us $4.99 per issue instead. You used to be the “House of Ideas” so WTF has happened. Stop stealing other company’s ideas and get back some balls.

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?


  1. If it's any consolation (and I've been thoroughly deluding myself with this) we at least have some level of assurance that the New Mutants content of this crossover will be good.

    ... Okay that's not much assurance, Marvel have fucked up massively here. Only hope is that it sets itself apart from Blackest Night enough.

  2. Don't forget that Annihilation and the reboot of the Nova Crops all came about because DC did a great job rebooting their "Space Opera" heroes during the Infinite Crisis minis and Green Latern Corps Recharge.

    Or when Marvel released a shitty mini series called Identity Disk the same damn Wednesdays DC released Identity Crisis?


  3. Ha... Once I saw that solicit on your blog a few days back about 16 million mutants returning, right away I figured they would be doing some kind of lame-ass ghost/zombie story about Genosha. No matter how much I wish Marvel would bring back their mutants, I just don't see that happening in the near future... The X-universe sucks so badly right now...

    "imo this was one of the best ideas in the Marvel U and an idea that really set Marvel apart from DC" <-Damn straight man! I've been saying the same thing for years! It's shit like this that makes me pray for the day Joe Quesada is FINALLY out of a job... Marvel will always be my first comic book love and all, but nowadays they seem to have become DC-lite!

  4. @ Flips the page - Unfortunatly I havent been enjoying the new mutants series that much, even though I enjoy the characters.
    @ J - yeah seems like Marvel have been stealing more ideas from dc than I originally thought.
    @ X-man - maybe when marvel stop focusing on avengers so much they'll get round to the x-books and make them great again.