Monday, 27 July 2009

SDCC News Round Up Part 2

On to Marvel's News now - (DC news in previous post)

Dark Reign

· Dark Reign The List: Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis and Marco Djurdjevi. "This is a huge Clint Barton issue," McCann says.
· Dark Reign the List: X-Men by Fraction and Alan Davis focuses on Namor.
· Dark Reign The List: Wolverine, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Esad Ribic. “It's got Fantomex on the cover, and Marvel Boy is involved.” Aaron says it plays with a lot of themes from Grant Morrison's New X-Men, and also the brand new Weapon XVI. "Plus, there's zombies, did I mention that?" "It's the craziest thing I've ever written," Aaron says, adding that he gets to play with characters he's wanted to use for a while
· Dark Reign The List: Secret Warriors is by Jonathan Hickman and Ed McGuinness, with Nick Fury on the cover.
· Dark Reign The List: Spider-Man is written by Dan Slow, drawn by Adam Kubert.
· The Tony/Iron Patriot fight is coming," Fraction says. Invincible Iron Man #19. He says Norman Osborn will be at his most "tricked out," with "Tony in the Mark I prototype" at near the end of his current mind-deletion process.
· Is a Dark Avengers/New Avengers fight coming up? "Yes," Quesada said, while McCann again brought up Dark Reign The List: Avengers.
· Dark Reign will be finished by the end of this year.


-Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes moves to Nicktoons with a fall lineup of 26-episodes, some that have not been seen in the U.S.
-Iron Man Armored Adventures will also be on Nicktoon. Villains include Ultimo, Ghost, the Controller, Living Laser, and MODOK.
-Angel will become Archangel on Wolverine and the X-Men
-Planet Hulk will make a direct to DVD movie in February
-A Wolverine anime project announced.
-Anime Iron Man also announced. To be set in Japan.
-Work is being done on X-Men and Blade anime projects.
-Thor: Tales of Asgard arrives in 2011.


-X-Force #50 wraps up the future and present storylines and sets the stage for things to come in the next year.
-Starting September, Daniel Acuna is the ongoing artist for X-Men Legacy.
-Magneto will be back soon
-Wolverine will battle Skaar in the pages of Wolverine Origins later this year
-Necrosha, a cross over event involving X-Force, New Mutants and X-Men: Legacy arrives in October 2009 and will see 16 million mutants brought back.
-X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain by Fred Van Lente and Denis Calero announced.


-Marvel Digital Comics will begin offering in continuity Spider-Man tales starting November 9. Look for stories to flow between the print and digital comics. New stories will arrive every other Monday. The first few issues are inspired by Marvels with Bob Gale as writer.
-The up –coming arc “Who was Ben Reilly” will give Marvel a chance to tell some Ben Reilly stories without bringing him back.


-There will be a Red She-Hulk.
-World War Hulks. Plural, coming in December 2009 and a major character in the Hulk universe will die.
-Loeb and John Romita Jr. will be teaming for Gamma, that serves as a lead in to the World War Hulks series.
-Incredible Hercules is not ending
-In Hulk issues #14 - #17 someone will find out who the Red Hulk is (but will the readers?)
-Deadpool will show up in the Hulk title as well as Spider-Man.

Other news

· More What Ifs? are on the way
· “Marvel has purchased the rights to Marvelman/ Miracleman,” Quesada said. “It is arguably the J.D. Salinger of comic book characters. Arguably one of the most important comic book characters in decades.”- NEWSARAMA
· Black Widow by Paul Cornell and Tom Raney gets a four-issue mini-series in November
· Captain America/Black Panther by Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan announced for 2010. This will be a four-issue mini called Flags of Our Fathers set during WWII
So I think that covers most of it. Let me know if you think I missed anything worth mentioning and what stories mentioned above you’re looking forward to in the coming months

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