Monday, 20 July 2009

Matt’s Monday Mini Reviews

These are going to be mega mini reviews of some of last weeks comics that I’ve read. The rest of my stack will receive the mini review treatment tomorrow.

X-Factor #46Peter David is the man. This is just a great read every time. This issue included; time travel, cyborgs, Sentinels, men still kissing & women fighting (but no kissing). Another solid issue for X-Factor fans.
Dark Avengers #7 – Written by Matt Fraction, continues the Utopia story in good, if unremarkable fashion. One point of note though (Spoilers on!) – Beast possibly losing his blue fur!?!?!?!. Not sure how I feel about that. He has been the blue fur-ball for as long as I can remember, maybe he needs a change back. Guess we’ll find out next issue. Oh and Luke Ross is in on art unfortunately.

Blackest Night #1 – Awesome horror tale featuring all your fav DC characters back from the dead as super villain zombies! Hunting for flesh and all those capes who have escaped death’s clutches! Beautiful art by Ivan Ries (the coolest Elongated Man has ever looked!) and classic Geoff Johns goodness. Get it; this series is going to be huge!

Batman: Streets of Gotham # 2 – Best ‘Batman Reborn’ title so far (along with Detective Comics). Features a great cast of villains; Firefly (setting the city ablaze), Black Mask (new crime boss of Gotham) and Hush, who in this issue escapes from Batman’s prison and decides to give all of Bruce’s money away! This creative team is making exactly the type of Bat book I love. Highly recommended.

Wednesday Comics # 2 – Loving this series. Reads a bit quick but the huge newspaper format is so fun and every story is drawn beautifully. Highlights were; Kamandi, Strange Adventures & Hawkman. It is pricey at $3.99 but it’s def worth a look.

Action Comics # 879 – I’m still picking this up every month but it’s just ok. I decided to keep at it as I have faith in Rucka to produce the goods (and this issue was better) and I wanted to check out the Captain Atom back up feature which was strange but good. Basically it was Atom sent to take out load of Lord of the Rings extras! I’m intrigued. As for Nightwing & Flamebird they went up against General Lane’s goons in another action packed story. I’ll be back next month.

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