Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Incredible Hulk #600 - WARNING!

Great review over at of Incredible Hulk #600 by Akamuu. I have copied the review below:

If you've been enjoying Loeb's plotless story where he dangles the fact that you don't know who the Red Hulk over your head like a plastic carrot, then you may enjoy this issue. But if you're picking it up hoping for the big reveal? IT AIN'T HERE. Yeup, you got suckered into paying $5 for 28 pages of new Rulk story that has amazing art, some interesting action, but no promised reveal. SUCKER. Jeph Loeb is laughing at you.

The art in the front story is Ed McGuinesssly beautiful. And the issue has Spidey, but Loeb is writing him, so it doesn't really deserve to be noted. There's also a silly Stan Lee story, a post-logue to the current Savage She Hulk story, and a Hulk Gray reprint.

You could have totally had a cheeseburger for that $5, or a milkshake. Sure, you'd feel bloated, but isn't that better than feeling ripped off?
Story: 1 - Poor Art: 4 - Very Good

I was gonna waste my money on this book but I’ve changed my mind after reading this. My wallet thanks you Akamuu. I’m def gonna give this a miss now and jump on board next issue when Pak and Olivetti start their new run with original green Hulk and Skaar and a She-Hulk back up. I’m looking forward to that.

Anyway, you have been warned! Save your money folks.


  1. Power to you for not supporting Loeb's arsehattery! I can't avoid it sadly out of a desperate need to buy all things All New Savage She-Hulk, so I shall suffer in your stead XD

  2. I almost didn't read this post because I thought you were going to reveal who Rulk was, but I'm glad I decided to scroll down more. Thanks Hex.

  3. @ Flip The Page - Well let me know what you think once you've read it, I'll be interested to hear.
    & No probs Kello, good to see your still about!