Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hex’s Comic Book Pull List - 15/07/2009

Amazing Spider-Man # 599
Captain America # 601
Dark Avengers # 7
Deadpool # 12
X-Factor # 46

Action Comics # 879
Batman: Streets of Gotham # 2
Blackest Night # 1
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps # 1
Wednesday Comics # 2

Even Stevens this week between the big two, five Marvel titles & five DC titles.

There are lots here I’m looking forward to including the ‘American Son’ conclusion in Amazing Spider-Man # 599, issue 2 of Batman: Streets of Gotham, as I loved issue 1, and of course the start of DC’s big summer event, Blackest Night.

What will you guys be getting?
*EDIT* - I have just seen on Marvels website that Incognito 5 is out today also, so Ill be getting that too.


  1. Blackest Night #1, Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1

    ...Apparently, Amazing Spider-Man #600 was delayed for a week.

  2. Pretty light week for me. I just placed my order for:
    Action Comics #879
    Blackest Night #1 and BN: TotC #1(Naturally!)
    Captain America #601
    Dark Avengers #7
    JSA vs Kobra #2
    Mighty Avengers #27
    New Mutants #3
    Titans #15
    Wednesday Comics #2(you convinced me to give it a shot)
    X-Factor #46
    I also managed to snag a copy of the "Wanted" trade that you had mentioned Matthew. After your words on it, I had to give it a look!

  3. Yeah I believe amazing 600 will be out next week. Everyones up for blackest night, which is cool. I look forward to your reviews guys.
    Hope you enjoy wednesday comics and wanted x-man. Ill be interested to hear your thoughts on them.