Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More Mini Reviews

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1 – Really enjoyed Saint Walker’s story about his faith, the love & loss of his family and his hope and belief despite that. Great little origin story that has now made me care about the character. Mongul's story was fun, telling a tale of him as a little brat and showing is ambition even at that age. The Indigo tribe story was just okay. They were talking in their own language that you couldn’t understand, but they were showing some awesome powers. Seems they can control ALL the lantern colours!?!? Cool. Issue 2 out this week. Deadpool – Merc with a mouth #1 – man this was bad. Not funny at all and a crap story. The art was okay but when you compare the writing and art to the creators on the main Deadpool series it doesn’t compare. So I won’t be picking up any more issues. Which leads me to…….

Deadpool #12 – Funny as Fuck!!!! This is how you do a funny comic book and has my moment of the week in it, shown below:
Story so far: Bullseye is trying to kill Deadpool for Norman Osborn and fires a missile/rocket at Deadpool currently driving his truck, the following occurs next:
Above:Deadpool sees missile coming and schreeches to a hault

Below: Click image to see what happens next!

That line from Bullseye was so great it cracked me up! Next month Deadpool becomes a pirate I believe. Top stuff!!

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