Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hex’s Pull List – 07/22/2009

(Cover to Legion of 3 Worlds #5)

Last week was such a great week for comics, can this weeks live up to it? Let’s see what I’ll be picking up:

Amazing Spider-Man #600
Immortal Weapons #1
Incredible Hulk #600
New Avengers #55
Wolverine: Origins #38
X-Force #17

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5
Green Lantern #44
Wednesday Comics #3

Well this looks like another really cool week for comics. Highlights for me include the Immortal Weapons #1 (being a big Iron Fist fan) and the final chapter of Legion of 3 worlds!! I can’t believe its finally fucking here, we waited long enough, hope it’s worth it.

Speaking of waiting for comics, I wonder when Mark Millar will get round to Kick-Ass #7 & War Heores #3 and the end of Old Man Logan and the next chapter of Americans Jesus and..... well you get the point. Millar you are one of my fav writers mate, but man you do make us wait!

What will you guys be picking up?


  1. Amazing Spider-Man #600, Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2, Green Lantern #44, The Outsiders #20.

    Damn, Flash: Rebirth #4 was delayed for a few weeks.

  2. Ah, time for me to chime in with my selections:

    Avengers: The Initiative #26
    Blackest Night: Tale of the Corps #2
    Dark Wolverine #76
    Final Crisis: LoTW#5!!!!!
    Green Lantern #44
    Guardians of the Galaxy #16
    Hellblazer #257
    Nova #27
    Runaways #12
    Wednesday Comics #3
    Wolverine Origins #38

    Yeah, the wait for FC:LoTW has been brutal. With a team like Geoff Johns and George Perez I've got no doubt that the conclusion of this series will be as awesome as the rest of this mini has been. As far as I'm concerned, LoTW is THE best thing to come out of Final Crisis.

  3. Some good picks there guys, we're all still on board for blackest night arfter a great first issue.
    I see Robert your picking up Amazing #600 too, lets hope its worth the $4.99 price tag!
    I see X-man that your still fully on board for War of kings, and while I have enjoyed it I feel its gone on a bit too long now and had too many cross overs. I have enjoyed the main series but Im not a big fan of Marvels space stuff in general like Nova and Guardians- though I do like the shiar and imperial guard stuff- contradicting myself there! Although both Nova & Guardians always have critics and fans raving about how good they are something just doesnt click for me when I read those titles.
    Also X-Man check out my previous post 'Free Comics @ Marvel Digital' as it features a one shot starring Bug from Guardians. May be of interest to you.

  4. Oh and yes, LOTW is def the best thing to come out of Final Crisis.

  5. Totally agreed with the fact that War of Kings has had too many x-overs. Guardians and Nova should have stayed out of the main War stuff. I'm still really enjoying the main War mini though. The final issue of War should be one hell of a great battle.