Thursday, 2 July 2009

Round up of news & previews 02/07/09

Quite a lot of news and previews today so I’ve just done one round up post. Read on!

Looks like there may be more than one Flash on-going title from DC after the Flash Rebirth mini series. Nothing much else that exciting or news worthy from Dan DiDio this week.

Dan DiDio: 20 Answers & 1 Question over at Newsarama.

Newsarama have a first look at the Immortal Weapons; Iron Fist back up story. They have been provided with 3 pages of art that looks great (Not sure who the artist is but it still looks like Travel Foreman’s work to me). The preview shows some great street level action as promised by writer Duane Swierczynski. If you’re an Iron Fist fan this is definitely worth a look.

5 Page Preview plus covers of new mini-series The Marvels Project # 1 from... you guessed it, Marvel! Due out 12/08/09 written by Ed Brubaker, art by Steve Epting.

Some good stuff over at DC’s blog the source today:

First, a 7 page preview of Red Robin # 2, showing Tim continuing his quest due out 08/07/09, then another extra early preview of what his buddy Superboy is up to over in Adventure Comics # 1. Check out the previews here:

Another breaking story on the site was the following:

Superman,Batman, Wonder Woman and the heroes of the Justice League will join forces with Teshkeel Comics’ THE 99, the award-winning original superhero group based on Islamic culture and history.

THE 99 team, which debuted in June 2006, was recently identified by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Top 20 Trends Sweeping the Globe.” Not too shabby, huh? In THE 99 — created by Naif Al-Mutawa — are a team of superheroes, including Jabbar the Powerful and Noora the Light who must collect 99 gems encrypted with the wisdom and power of the ancient Dar Al-Hikma library of Baghdad, which are spread across the globe.

The mini-series will be penned by incoming AZRAEL scribe Fabian Nicieza, who’s no stranger to THE 99, having written the series previously. We’re saving the artistic announcement and official release date for another day, once we’re ready to show off some of the art. But can you blame us for spilling the news? We didn’t think so.

I’ve never heard of The 99 before. What is it with DC and all these other character they are using lately? First Milestone, the Red Circle, now The 99!??!? I’m all for it as long as the stories are good and Fabian Nicieza is a good writer.
Have any of you guys come across these Islamic characters before? Let me know.

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  1. As long as Nicieza doesn't go back to his level of talent back when he was scripting Liefeld's stuff there shouldn't be any need to worry about the THE 99/Justice League thing