Monday, 29 June 2009

Amazing Spider-Man # 598 - Review

Amazing Spider-Man # 598 - American Son Part 4
WRITER: Joe Kelly PENCILS: Phil Jimenez
- 5 out of 5

Major spoilers ahead.

This story arc has been one of the most exciting Spider-Man reads I’ve ever had. There are so many twists and turns and back stabbing one another it’s like a whole series of 24 in one comic. This issue was just as good as, if not better, than the last. So what happens? - Spider-Man has been caught out as Venom in disguise and finds himself at the mercy of Norman Osborn & Bullseye. They have him in a torture device trying to pry his Venom suit from him. This is what saved his life from the last issue, the suit stopped the bullet, thanks to the genius of Reed Richards, but Norman has discovered the suit was built by Richards and finds away to dissolve the suit in an attempt to un-mask Peter. Switch to Harry, who has arranged to meet his beloved Menace only to find out she does not want the cure he has stolen for her, but instead wants to continue to be the monstrous Menace as lover of Norman, father of her child! That’s right, the baby is Norman's! - NOT Harry's. That twist was so great in a weird incest kind of way. Harry escapes and decides to get his own back on his Dad. He dons the American Son suit just in time to save Spider-Man from being un-masked by kicking his Dads butt. This story continues in the next issue with the final part and I’ve never been more excited to read a Spider-Man book. Writing and art are fantastic and that is one fucked up cover. Buy this comic.

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