Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chris Yost & Duane Swiercynski talk to Newsarama about ‘Messiah War’ & the future of both X-Force & Cable

For you 'Messiah War' fans Newsarama have a nice little interview with X-Force writer Christ Yost & Cable scribe Duane Swierczynski about the future of their respective books. Both these books have been great and have made me an even bigger fan of the Cable character. What does worry me is that Paul Gulacy is stepping in on art for issues 16 & 17 of Cable. There is nothing against Paul Gulacy but I am a big big fan of current artist Ariel Olivetti (his cover to Cable issue no.1 shown below. Also try and check out DC‘s mini Space Ghost by Joe Kelly & Ariel Olivetti. It’s an excellent re-imagining of the character with beautiful art and it was the first place I saw Ariel’s work).

(Cable 1 - Cover by Olivetti)

(Space Ghost 1 - cover by Olivetti)
Ariel has been amazing on this book and was made to draw the big brooding Nathan Summers, but with the recent announcement that he will be working on Incredible Hulk (from issue 601 onwards, a job I’m sure he will be excellent at) I hope that he will still be returning to Cable. He did have a short break before on issue’s 11 & 12 and the art was really bad and it was the worst story arc of the series.
The full interview with the creator’s is here:

(Incredible Hulk 601 –cover by Olivetti)

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