Friday, 12 June 2009

Shia unsure about Yorick role

I read about Shia Labouf not wanting to play Yorick, the main character in the upcoming ‘Y: The Last Man’ feature film based on the brilliant Vertigo series of the same name, in this month’s Wizard magazine, and was going to mention it on this blog earlier in the week, but…. I forgot. I have now seen this mentioned on a couple of sites, but in case any of you guys have not seen it and are interested this is what Shia had to say about the role:
“You take Sam and you put a monkey on his shoulder,” said LaBeouf of Yorick’s sidekick Ampersand. “I don’t know if it’s that big a differential. It seems like he’s the ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation again.”

‘Sam’ being the character he plays in Transformers.

Basically I think he’s wrong and could miss out on playing a great character. Yorick is an extremely funny, wise-cracking character. He is certainly an every man character yes, but his journey through the comic book series is long and there is a lot of ways the character grows and develops. I think Shia would be a good fit, so I’m a bit disappointed he seems uninterested in the role, but I am looking forward to see who will possibly step into Yorick’s shoes.


  1. As long as it's not Edward Norton I'll be happy.

  2. Is that a rumour you have heard then? He's def too old for the role, and way too serious.

  3. Heh. Nah. I just didn't really like him as the Hulk. Just jokin' around.

  4. am sure later Shia will change his mind n take the role coz it really fits him and I just hope that they make a great movie and it will depict the comic book dats all