Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The end of Iron Fist? – Read Robot 6 @ Newsarama

Another quality (if some what worrying) article from Robot 6 @ Newsarama.

I am fear at the moment for the safety of my favorite comic every month, The Immortal Iron Fist. This has been the best book on the stands since it’s re-launch by Brubaker/Fraction & Aja and has continued to be excellent since Dwayne Swiercynski & Travel Foreman took over.

I have read that after issue 27 Marvel will issue a number of One-shots based on the Immortal Weapons introduced in the main series. While I excited about the exploration of these characters I’m worried that the series won’t continue after the One-shots conclude, though I have also read from Marvel that they have big plans for Iron Fist after these. I hope so, but Marvel also promised previously that Captain Britain & MI 13 was NOT being cancelled, but as some of you will know we’ve seen how that has turned out now!

Read the full story here - http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2009/06/iron-fist-and-runaways-wont-be-joining-captain-britain-quite-yet/

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